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    XF 2.0 Conditionals for widgets

    6. Wrong topic :oops:
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    XF 2.0 Conditionals for widgets

    Eventually it is necessary to explain the forum rules clearer. No answer for a question means..... 1. No idea 2. I don't know 3. It isn't possible 4. It is possible but... (see 1.) 5. It's all the same to me
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    XF 2.0 Conditionals for widgets

    Try it again. Is it possible to disable a single widget in mobile view?
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    Not a bug Itemprop="name" is missing

    Sorry, it's not a bug. Caused from the XenMade SEO Addon and I will ask the developper for a solution.
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    Not a bug Itemprop="name" is missing

    Checking this in source code and it seems to be implemented: <h4 class="message-name"><a href="/forum/mitglieder/heiko_le.34460/" class="username " dir="auto" data-user-id="34460" data-xf-init="member-tooltip" itemprop="name">Heiko_LE</a></h4> Why generates google so many errors?
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    Not a bug Itemprop="name" is missing

    Google search console shows hundred thousends of errors in structured data because the Itemprop="name" is missing. Is it possible to correct it in one of the next updates?
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    XF 1.5 Best way to make the transition

    Ok, attachments working now. But I need a redirect for this one: to The first one seems to be an old vBSEO URL for...
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    XF 1.5 Best way to make the transition

    Got a little issue with redirect attachments after upgrading to xf2. did not redirect to the xf2 attach after upgrade. In .htaccess I have this: RewriteRule ^attachments/(.+)/([0-9]+)[d-](.+)$ attachment.php?attachmentid=$2 [L] RewriteRule...
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    MG 2.0 Media Gallery Metadata Block

    Nothing found - no answer - kicked it out of the template. Template: xfmg_media_view Search for: <xf:macro template="xfmg_media_view_macros" name="exif_sidebar" arg-mediaItem="{$mediaItem}" /> Replace with: Nothing :p
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    SEO (SEO2) [Paid]

    Some feature requests for SEO improvement: Avoid duplicate H1 and title tags. Especialy on sites with more pages like this: Go to the next page and the H1 tag is the same on every following page...
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    Xenforo 2.x | Xenforo 1.x | Custom Add-on Development | Custom Styling | Xenforo Migration | Technical Support & Consulting

    Worked with ForumCube to develop a simple user bridge for xf2 and joomla. All works fine and every problems were solved in short time. Thank you very much for that amazing job.
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    XF 2.0 Conditionals for widgets

    Another question about the widgets: Is it possible to disable widgets in mobile view?
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    Fixed Gallery privacy block shows wrong data

    In the Media Gallery for XF2 the Gallery privacy block shows wrong data. Not from the album owner but instead from the current logged in user. Same here on
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    XF 2.0 How to change message links in XF2?

    Don't know this is what you are searching for, but you have classes for external and internal links: { color: #4b5b8c; font-weight: 600; } { color: #4b5b8c; font-weight: 600; }