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    XF 2.2 Is it possible to restore a deleted membership?

    I have been in the same situation and, yes, ultimately we had to restore from a backup, which (I gather) was no mean feat in itself. I have thought for a long time that there should be a (time-limited) "oh darn!" system here; i.e. that a delete should initially be "soft" and therefore...
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    how to allow a moderator to promote users to specific user groups?

    Warnings is an approach that works. There is an add-on that can be used to categorise Warnings and their points and keep categories separate; so, rathr like running several instances of "Warning" in parallel on a user account. By using this - and mentally dissociate the term "Warning" from...
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    Security lock (password reset) in user criteria for notices and elsewhere

    It's not "everyone" any longer. We did have a blanket notice for a while after the event. But that was some time ago. So, now, some users have remedied their accounts one way or another, and for those a blanket notice wouldn't be relevant. But there remain many who have not yet visited, or...
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    XF 2.2 Moderator Permissions

    @Medievalist I'm obviously not sure how much this may matter in your case. but if it's relevant to you, may I suggest you upvote (= "Like) this suggestion:
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    Fixed Merged user accounts and "ignore"

    Thanks. I'll ask them to try that. Do I need to raise a separate bug thread?
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    Fixed Merged user accounts and "ignore"

    I have had reported an issue surrounding merged user accounts and other members ignoring that user. User A had User B on ignore. User B registers again as User C. B and C are merged into C. Now 1: User C's posts are not hidden (ignored) to those who want to ignore him 2: User A cannot add...
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    Refine name of Conversations so people know they are Private

    A good proportion of our members - probably a majority, but I haven't counted - still use PM as the shorthand for {whatever this is called}. It appears that XFs unilateral (?) attempt to change this term is not finding its way into common usage.
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    Replace Add Moderator in the ACP with options in the User Group Permissions

    The way XF is set up means that you have to "Add Moderator" in order to assign permissions if/when they apply only to parts of your overall board (i.e. to only selected individual nodes/forums). Any permissions applied at user group level are board-wide (so, in effect, "Super Moderator"...
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    Please roll back the expandable functionality of items in the approval queue

    To me, it adds a minor degree of tedium to processing the Approval Queue. I agree with the suggestion.
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    Browser issue Viewing second to last page of an unread thread marks it as read (not bold)

    Had a very similar issue with one of our Add-Ons (Moderator Checkpoint) which was marking content as checked in very similar circumstances to this "read" issue here, when it had never been even seen by the Moderator. That, too, appears to have been caused by pre-fetch. Initially it was seen...
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    XF 2.2 Correct Way Of Doing User Group Permissions?

    Paraphrasing in my own manner: Yes means permission given No means permission not given by this setting (but it may be given elsewhere) Never means permission absolutely withdrawn regardless of any other applicable permissions Thus, if you have a combination No No Yes No the outcome is yes...
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    XF 2.1 Rogue admin account. Not an admin

    OK Thx. One for @Stuart Wright
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    XF 2.1 Rogue admin account. Not an admin

    Thanks. Tried that and.... "The specified user is already an administrator." so can't try it.
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    XF 2.1 Rogue admin account. Not an admin

    @beerForo No. This is in the heading on the AdminCP, not a User Title @Ozzy47 Yes. No effect @CypherForums It's not listed there. So, the point is - it's not an Admin, but this label is still present on his AdminCP User Profile (only) as far as we can see.
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    XF 2.2 No "BANNED" / STRIKETHROUGH on users who aren't permanently banned.

    See @Rudy 's reply for exactly how we do it as well. In fact, in our case, we do allow suspendees to use Conversations and to post in just one forum - both as a vehicle for them to challenge the decision if they care to. But that's not a necessary part of it; it's just how we choose to handle...