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    XF 2.1 mode icon

    \f559 \f08d what is this code ? any referred site ?
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    [cXF] Change default FA node icon

    hai, can you update this tutorial for latest fontawesome ? and also why some icon can't show ?
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    D.C Style - Custom Node Icon

    can you add new function can be use fontawesome code
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    XF 2.2 Facebook share problem

    facebook and twitter using addon fix by give permission to unregister/guest VIEW ATTACHMENT PERMISSION must set to yes.. work for me.
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    XF 2.2 Facebook share problem

    i use the addon but facebook debugger detect this error Provided og:image URL, https://XXXXX.NET/attachments/kompaun-rm50-000-bukan-hukuman-mati-kpn-png.9/?id=7 could not be processed as an image because it has an invalid content type. its there any problem with image permission ? as you...
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    XF 2.2 Facebook share problem

    same here.. my site not show the topic image.. it show Metadata Logo only for all page
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    Staff BBcodes (with extra two) -

    hai this addon still work on Xenforo 2.2.4 ? and any uppdate ?
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    Add-on message box on editor

    hai is there any addon call messagebox or something like attach image i already search on xenforo addon but can't find anything
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    Ryzer Pro [Paid]

    @Osman can you please approve my account ? Hambalie but i already change my domain for xenforo license to jiwang[dot]org.
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    Hai, can you please approve my account on xentr forum.. i like to buy some theme.. FYI, i...

    Hai, can you please approve my account on xentr forum.. i like to buy some theme.. FYI, i make some change with my forum url.. on xenforo license.
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    Attachment File on topic

    hai, i like comment about attachment location on topic. attachment file on bottom topic seem old and not up to day. can xenforo put some upgrade like enable attachment any where on topic like : see screenshoot hope some understand the suggestion i a rise and vote for it
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    [OzzModz] Attachment Constraints Permissions [Paid]

    can this plugin able to fix this issue ?
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    XF 2.2 Custom title on specific page and forum list

    i like to change page title on specific pages i use node as home pages and i like to change custom title.. when i set on node setting it show like this.. i like to put some custom title.. on forum list also i need to change. i don't want it show "forum list | hpg technologi" i want to...