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    some friendly comments please

    Cool theme. The colors flow well. I too am not finding any unique aspect to this forum however. Gaming, technology, a marketplace, & off topic discussions are a dime a dozen. What are you dooing to set yourself a side from the other 745,000 gaming/tech communities?
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    How to run a demo site

    You require a seperate license for a public demo site. Examples would be designers linking to demo skins, modification test site/purchase sites, etc. Since this is publically viewed they would require a license for the demo site. If you have a private/passworded directory for testing purposes...
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    [Nobita] Room Chat for TaigaChat Pro [Paid]

    & Nobita will now become rich off of a $10 addon. Smart move =) Best of luck to you. If I didn't sell my sites off recently you would have had 3 purchases. Been asking for this for nearly 14 months now :cry:
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    TeeVee Town

    Oddly enough, not my browser of choice but at work I am forced to use I.E. Running I.E. 8, each time I visit the page I.E. crashes. I don't have the same effect on firefox or chrome.
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    Attention Star Wars Fans!

    I like the colors. For some reason my eyes constantly gravitate to the constant spam of: R S S R S S R S S R S S Within 2014, those interested in RSS feeds should know what an RSS icon is. Those not interested wont waste their time. Is this by design?
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    Well there goes all your great ideas! Remember everything you own she will now own too! New...

    Well there goes all your great ideas! Remember everything you own she will now own too! New company name will be "Waindigo & Wife", all of your addons will default to pink colors, prices will double to pay for the future. We are doomed!!!! No really though, RUN! I mean congrats!!!!!!!!!
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    Pls create chat software

    Xenforo wont get a chatroom or a chatbox anytime soon. It's a great suggestion but much like the CMS suggestions, it just wont happen. There is 3rd party addons & the development team is focused on the forum aspect. Don't waste your breath. It's not going to change. I can assure you (look at the...
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    MMO Tooltips

    Much appreciated!
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    Tactical [Paid]

    So I have a few things done but this guide helps creates presets which is great. How do I add/remove the background images from the options however? I removed all of the others from the pre-set but wanted to have 3 or for preset variations (that's easy) but where do I find the preset...
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    I am pretty sure Brogan is Jason Stathom....

    It's almost like a holiday then but better.
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    I am pretty sure Brogan is Jason Stathom....

    Who is who?!?!?! I can't tell either.
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    Tactical [Paid]

    Excellent! Thank you. I missed that. I look forward to working with this theme! Thanks for your time.
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    Tactical [Paid]

    Edit: The theme isn't showing up in the demo for me. It takes me to battlefield I believe. When I select the ad styler I see one "black" square (no theme) & all the original themes.
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    Tactical [Paid]

    A small guide would be helpful however, more & more people are switching to xenforo every day (I am sure you learned this by now!). I am making a push to get more & more World of Warcraft addons associated with this forum software as the next expansion is right around the corner. There is...
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    Tactical [Paid]

    @Mike Creuzer - Hit me with a world of Warcraft Alliance theme & you got yourself another purchase =)