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    [bd] API

    Thanks for the update. I’m holding off upgrading two of our forums until your new version is out. And thanks, too, for your help with our api script.
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    [Llama] Thread Rotate

    Is an XF 2 version under development?
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    [bd] API

    I'd need help to reimplement. It appears to work with just one version of the api.php that I've tried out of three. If I posted the script that calls it, would that help?
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    [bd] API

    Also, I'm using the original api.php file in connection with authentication for a password-protected access to downloading files from our premium area, which requires a member upgrade. Does this version straight-on replace that one, or must I have someone recode the file we use to interact with...
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    [bd] API

    Any hope that the current version works with XF 2? Or should I wait?
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    Wiretransfer (WT2) [Paid]

    Meaning no recurring payments? Is this something that might be added? We offer user upgrades on two of our forums on a subscription basis: weekly, monthly, annually, etc. Obviously for it to work with a wire transfer, we'd have to have a system to initiate a transfer for each renewal period...
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    XF 2.0 Add own payment provider ?

    I'd like to know this as well. The Help section has nothing to offer on this topic.
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    Ad Tabs to Nav Bar? Featured Threads?

    Yes, discovered that. Still getting used to the interface ( if you want to see what we've done so far). So now I'm in search of featured threads.
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    Ad Tabs to Nav Bar? Featured Threads?

    Is there an add-on yet that can add extra tabs to the XF 2 nav bar? What about an add-on that would produce a list of featured threads? Trying to restore most of the functionality of our XF 1.x installation.
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    What's new in the official add-ons (2.0)

    This is probably not something that you can do, but it applies for my business. Is there any way to allow Resource Manager to recognize GeoTagging? This allows us to offer content, but restrict areas where the content is being blocked due to local contracts. So we have the opportunity to offer...
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    Send Email to Expired User Upgrades....

    Thanks, Andy. I love your add-ons, and use several. But I'm more interested in dealing with people whose user upgrades have already expired. Get them back in the fold. Is there a solution?
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    Send Email to Expired User Upgrades....

    I'd like to use the Email Users feature, but limit it only to those whose member upgrades have expired. I cannot see any possible way to do that under User Criteria. I don't want to contact people who never upgraded their memberships; this is a targeted mailing. Just expired. Am I overlooking...
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    PayPal is rolling out TLS 1.2 / HTTP 1.1

    PayPal rollout is set for 6/30/17, the first stage. I ran into a problem with one recurring transaction not registering this week, so the user upgrade was listed as expired for one member. All other transactions received in the past week appear to have processed correctly, so far as I can see...
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    Showcase "Item Management System" (Reviews, Guides, Garage etc) [Paid]

    Maybe this has been answered, but there are 66 pages: I still use the Book Reviews by Waindigo add-on. Can the content from that add-on be imported into this one somehow? Hate to start over when the time comes, and it will soon.
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    Book Reviews

    I realize this is not being maintained. Is it possible to translate this content to a different reviews add-on? What about SSL integration? Seems to defeat it when someone goes to a Reviews page in our forum. Lisa: What about seeing if someone else would want to take this add-on over and...