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    As designed Time Zone

    Hello. (UTC+02:00) Eastern European Time - if you select the time zone, in fact, it turns UTC +3, instead UTC +2 :)
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    Not a bug Problem with spam-filter

    WEWE79 - added a spam-phrase. Okay, it doesn't pass. WeWe79 - Not added to the spam-phrase, it skips. Outwardly they differ, but the phrase is one and the same. So they both blocked, you need both to add them to the spam filter. If we add the first phrase, the second is not blocked. Is this...
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    Not a bug Problem with spam-filter

    Hello. We found a spam-filter problem When you add spam-phrase WEWE79, then it founds all messages with the phrase. But if the phrase looks like WeWe79, spam-filter founds nothing. Is it okay? Thanks.
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    BbCodes & Buttons Manager

    Thanks! (y)
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    Lack of interest Viewing category

    It has already closed. :( Suddenly, there was an interest. (y)
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    Lack of interest Viewing category

    Hello! Now if you browse a category, on the profile page says "was last seen: Viewing category". It would be good to do so as of now it works with sections and themes, "was last seen: Viewing category "category title"". :)
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    [TH] Trophies

    With every new trophy, he replaced the previous one. Of course, not a required field for selection. :)
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    [TH] Trophies

    Hello! Is it possible to add the ability to choose the trophies so that when you add a new trophy was that, instead of which it is assigned? Example: The user has the trophy, after he fulfilled the conditions to obtain a second - he gets second instead of first. :)
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    [bd] Medal

    Hello. On XenForo 1.5 in the signature is not displayed. Inserted the code <xen:include template="bdmedal_message_medals" /> in the template message, chose the "Manual position" and no display. Can anyone suggest what the problem is? Thanks.
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    XF 1.4 Go to First Unread

    Go to First Unread by Waindigo :)
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    Duplicate Daily Statistics

    Hello! There is a problem. If statistics goes under the overlay of information, then no data is displayed. Put the mouse on the graph:
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    Lack of interest Email Users

    Hello! It would be nice to add a criterion for choosing a language when sending emails in the admin panel. :) For example, if 2 languages on the forum, and newsletter need to do to users with a specific language.
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    XF 1.4 Go to First Unread

    Yes, I know that it works. Maybe someone knows how to change it, so decided to ask. Thanks for the link, but unfortunately there is no solution found. :(
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    XF 1.4 Go to First Unread

    If this is done from the main page - just sends the last message.