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    Have tag search display root word

    I created a tag using the word "xenforums" to see if it would pick up the root word (non-plural) "xenforum" during a tag search did not. Likewise, if I create a tag called "building", it should be discoverable when I type the root word "build", but it does not. May I suggest that the tag...
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    LiteSpeed Cache for XF2 - Community

    Me as well.
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    Has anyone noticed a decline in forums?

    The subject matter provided in most forums tends to be targeted/specialized in areas like gaming, gardening, cars, motorcycles, for example. Today's audience is more interactive in nature, and are more attracted to a variety of mediums like Discord, streaming on youtube or twitch, or sharing...
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    How to add a Custom Group Badge / Banner to User Info

    Don't know. You may ask in the support forum.
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    MG 2.2 Embed not extrapolating YouTube name and description

    @Chris D I was able to get it to work on the XenForo website, but not on mine. Does "Suhosin" have anything to do with it? It's the only thing that is not showing as enabled in the Admin panel This embed works on your site, but not mine.
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    MG 2.2 Embed not extrapolating YouTube name and description

    I am still having this issue. What could be the problem?
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    Shades of Grey

    @vintage I really don't know. I would recommend just installing it separately and then delete the old version. You can always read about styling here:
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    Shades of Blue

    To change the color, go to Appearance > Styles > Shades of Blue > Style properties > Node/forum list You might also try this for more advanced icons:
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    Shades of Blue

    Answer to question #1 To remove the sticky dashed line go to: Appearance > Styles > Templates and search for the "extra.less" file Once you find it, simply remove the following code: /* Border between sticky/normal threads */ .structItemContainer-group--sticky { border-bottom: 1px...
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    Shades of Grey - Shades of Grey 2.2.3-1

    Changelog Added better contrast when Editor is focused Added some minor borders to show missing divisions of some buttons Lightened background (slightly) to reduce what I perceived was a harsh blend transition between shades
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    Shades of Grey

    Gator updated Shades of Grey with a new update entry: Shades of Grey 2.2.3-1 Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Shades of Grey

    @thunderclap82 You might try asking that question here:
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    Shades of Blue - Shades of Blue 2.2.3-1 (new & improved)

    Changelog Fixed editor highlighted text foreground and background contrast Fixed accented color to make it readable on some foregrounds and background areas (previously unreadable text) Fixed version numbering A new updated look that adds better shades of blue
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    Shades of Blue

    Gator updated Shades of Blue with a new update entry: 2.2.3-1 Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Shades of Blue

    @jackb71 I will fix it in the next release. Until then, do this...