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    Clean 3 Column Custom Field Lists

    I don't have RM to play with, but this should work out of the box as it's working on 3rd party add ons with their own respective custom fields.
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    Attachment Improvements By Xon

    Any plans to be able to rename attachments if one can edit a piece of content? This would be good for SEO (and perhaps be more accessible to the blind) in order to rename files something descriptive.
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    [PN] FFW

    Is this like MySpace's top 8 where 8 chosen avatars can be shown (whether chosen or not) and then +more or does it stack them all (which would get messy with hundreds)?
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    Two staging instances: Password protection?

    This seems ridiculous to ask, but I don't want to be in conflict with the license agreement. One staging instance is password protected while another instance has IP whitelisting. Are we out of bounds with whitelisting or is it safe to assume an IP address is another form of password protection?
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    Two staging instances?

    Are we permitted to have more than 1 forward-facing development instance (i.e., dev. & dev2.) for as long as they are restricted to development purposes only? Thanks Edit: Nevermind
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    Looking for cheap dedicated server less then or equal $30 in europe

    An i3 server in a fortified bunker in Norway for 25 EUR ($30.57): 1000 but capped at 30TB.
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    What is this #1

    Sadly. Of all the good memories from elementary, from the cafeteria to the slides... I remembered this image from repetitive pulling out of paper. 😅 I drew the S on mine. You know, the S.
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    What is this #1

    Yep. :)
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    What is this #1

    As a 90s kid in elementary, I want to say this was on my paperish trapper keeper.
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    XF 2.2 Rounding out navigation tab corners

    Is there a way to round out navigation tabs as such? I've played with negative radius and some other tricks that draw inside the element to create shadow, in an attempt to round it out--no good. Seems like this should be possible, but it could be playing with the Home and What's new tab...
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    XF 2.1 Display a custom user field on mobile responsive view

    See my signature to vote on 'custom placement'. This would be possible with that. :)
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    Prefix group display order different per forum

    I think I've figured out a solution here by just making the Display order for general prefixes to be 1 or 9999 and administrative/mod 10000. Then node-specific prefixes and general prefixes can be displayed. If we ever do want to include auto manufacturer prefixes, we could then group Ford and...
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    Prefix group display order different per forum

    Then two prefix groups will be shown for the user to select from, for as long as Ford and Chevy are in different groups, not one. This example would be much more confusing if the group that Ford was in was "Parts" and the group that Chevy was in was "Car ratings" for a forum node related to...
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    Prefix group display order different per forum

    I personally believe that would be overkill when you have the option to select the prefixes from the groups within the node properties. Merely place a Display order next to the groups you intend on using prefixes from in that node and call it a day (obviously more intricate than that, but...
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    XF 2.2 Animated JoyPixels in reactions

    Has anybody placed the animated emojis from JoyPixels into relations? And if so, do they animate in the popup window?