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    MG 2.0 Long Post Picture

    how to overcome long post pictures, this is quite disturbing because some of my members posted long comic strips is there any suggestion to change through extra.less
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    upload videos based on time duration limit (in minutes)

    can I give a suggestion, if you can, can you add a video upload feature based on the time duration limit (in minutes) like vine first based on the user group this might be interesting if VIP members will feel special compared to ordinary members
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    [DBTech] DragonByte Credits [Paid]

    ahaaa.. that's the point brother.. I'm only focused on information from "Event Trigger Creating a forum topic." I think the action is only to create topic. Now I understand that this addon is very professional and well structured. I apologize for my silly question. once again thank you for...
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    [DBTech] DragonByte Credits [Paid]

    hello @DragonByte Tech how to add an event to reduce "credits" point to delete thread and comment thread, is this feature not yet available?
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    Additional custom fields

    I hope the quoted points will be released as soon as possible, cz very useful to many people and developers ;)
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    Change redirect if session not login

    Hello my friends. I hope you fine. Oke... Could I get advice from you guys. I've searched every "controller" and "route" to change the error handling if the user is not logged in or (have a session login) and then redirected to my login page, but not working and always call or redirect to login...