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    XF 2.2 Walmart Unfurl - Verify your identity

    Thanks for the idea, I just tested this here and I can confirm that after about 20 unfurling links to Walmart, the next link unfurl says "Verify your identity" Here's my test thread: Is there any way to make Xenforo fail...
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    XF 2.2 Walmart Unfurl - Verify your identity I'm getting a link with "Verify your identity" for Walmart URL's when posted on my forum, however it looks like it's working fine here!
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    How to setup GMP in CustomBuild 2.0 DirectAdmin?

    My gmp was switched off when I updated to a new version of php. I also went to the Build Software tab in CustomBuild and clicked the button to Build gmp. This fixed up my Push Notifications error.
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    Upgrade the ignore function to 'block' / Blocking Ignored Users

    This would be a great addition, staff members can block problem members from interacting with each other. I've actually purchased a block plugin before more members are driven away. Also I messed up my stats, 3 members have left in the past 2 weeks. I've already convinced 1 member to return...
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    Upgrade the ignore function to 'block' / Blocking Ignored Users

    Sure, they can sign up with another account to get around the block, but they are much less likely to do so if their current account is still working. The point of a block is that they will no longer see any threads or posts from the user who blocked them. They will hopefully forget that the...
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    Upgrade the ignore function to 'block' / Blocking Ignored Users

    We desperately need a proper block system. We have lost 2 long time members in the past couple of weeks to trolls. Ignore simply doesn't work anymore. Banning the troll just means they sign up with a different account. The user just gets frustrated with the lack of control and leaves the forum...
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    The people that we ignore shouldn't write to our profile

    Voted, we are desperately in need of a block feature. We have lost 2 long time members to trolls in the past couple of weeks due to lack of control over their own threads.
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    Implement email alerts for user mentions

    I didn't realise the simple feature was lacking. Voted and installed this on XF2 It's a vital feature to get members back into the conversation in case they have forgotten about the forum.
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    Amazon/eBay Parser

    If anyone if using the s9e/MediaSites plugin, then you will need to go into the s9e/MediaSites options and add your Amazon affiliate tag in there. Make sure to keep your Amazon affiliate tag in the Amazon/eBay Parser plugin so that all your amazon links in the old format will still be tagged.
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    Amazon/eBay Parser

    No worries, thanks for the fast reply. Hopefully it's not too difficult to implement the new link format.
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    Amazon/eBay Parser

    Looks like ebay is changing their tracking link format. Will this plugin still work with the new link format?
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    "Google May 2020 Core Update" affecting your xF Forum?

    Wow, I'm also seeing a recovery starting in December in Google Search Console. Total Clicks grew 50% from Dec 02 - Dec 06 and holding up around that level.
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    Add AND/OR to search forum thread criteria

    Yes it would be great if it could search different phrases or keywords in the title or maybe even regex searching. I find it hard to get the exact threads I want since people write the brand names of electric bikes in different ways. For example; I've setup a search forum for the popular Rad...
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    Save the widgets without closing them.

    Great suggestion, glad you mentioned it! Also the "Notices" section closes every time you save. Obviously I'm gonna edit the same notice more than once to get it right. We definitely need two buttons "Save" and "Save and Close".
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    Amazon/eBay Parser

    Brilliant plugin, thanks for this guys. I've just noticed however that the ebay parser doesn't seem to be rewriting (AU) links or (SG) links. I just tested all the other ebay links and everything else is working just fine. is working fine also. Is anyone else...