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    XF 1.2 Responsive Design

    I've got an S3 and it looks pretty good on it. Using my phone to post this reply, seems to do it well :)
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    Who bought the Resource Manager?

    Brought mine as well. At that price, who wouldn't :)
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    Manual Customer Verification

    Have just renewed :)
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    The Original OG's of Xenforo

    31 July 2010 #620. I'm more a lurker but I do have a license, currently inactive, which I still play around with. :)
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    XF 1.0 Cleaning-Up Spam

    Fantastic feature! I especially love how you can restore both the member and their posts if need be. :)
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    XF 1.0 Moderation Tools

    I like this feature. Makes it so much easier to use!