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    XPress - A theme and bridge for bringing WordPress into XenForo

    Yes, your right, I removed it, I was just stressed out because we had to build one ourselves. Please put in the description that is not compatible with multipress
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    XF 2.1 Redirect on logout / logout page

    Hello, We currently use Xenforo 1.5 + wordpress and we have a system that redirects users back to their previous page (even outside of the forum, there is a custom bridge in between that keeps users in sync and logs them in or out on both sides), what we noticed is that there is no more logout...
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    Anybody with Xenforo on Debian 9 Stretch?

    I can confirm Debian 9 Apache+php7+MariaDB is working just fine (we upgraded our virtual machines a month ago and no problems at all this far)