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  1. EvilSS

    XF 1.5 Is there away to bypass this error please?

    Thanks mate, didn't think there was much i could do. The xen forum i am importing to has a lot of content, so i didn't enable the checkbox. Thanks anyway mate. Cheers.
  2. EvilSS

    XF 1.5 Is there away to bypass this error please?

    No matter what i try and do, i cant seem to bypass this error. Im trying to import my other xen forum into my main xen forum. Im guessing by reading this forum, its something to do with user id clash, or attachment clash. But i have tried everything in the way of deleting attachments etc. I get...
  3. EvilSS

    [Endless Horizon] Advanced Open Graph [Paid]

    Ahhh, ok. I see what i did wrong. I paid for this mod in AUD, sorry about that, $14.19 sounds more like it in AUD. Paid, again!
  4. EvilSS

    [XFA] Extended Cover [Paid]

    Hey mate, did you get a fix for this please? It looks shocking tbh in mobile/ipad view.
  5. EvilSS

    [8WR] XenPorta 2 (Portal) PRO [Paid]

    Huh? Maybe you read wrong mate. Some front pages have option to add the widget to the page list. Example: Creating a widget to add on your front page right sidebar you would simply add EWRporta2_ArticleList to Position done? This goes to the sidebar not the page list center. Some pages have the...
  6. EvilSS

    RM 1.2 Where is Style Properties for Resource Manager?

    I need to make some small changes to the Resource Manager, like border around the Resource post. I cant seem to find the Style Properties for Resource Manager? Thanks.
  7. EvilSS

    Remove Forums Tab

    This didnt work to start with, but then i checked my other styles i had installed and it works. Seems i have done something to my default style that does not allow this to work for only 1 of my styles. But again, works great on standard default style. Thanks. ;)
  8. EvilSS

    [TH] Discussion in Resource Overview [Paid]

    Awesome mate thanks. Im giving your mod a run now. Cheers.
  9. EvilSS

    [TH] Discussion in Resource Overview [Paid]

    Just what is needed thanks. Will buy tonight for sure. Does the reply count still count towards your boards total? Ok, will the forum dedicated to the resource be hiddin on the forum list? Im wanting to keep all my chat inside resource. Thanks.
  10. EvilSS

    [8WR] XenPorta 2 (Portal) PRO [Paid]

    Hi, Is it possible to just simply add a Widget from widget framework on the main page instead of the sidebar please? Like, im just creating widgets using EWRporta2_ArticleList for Position: within the admin panel, these appear in the right side widgets, but im wanting to just display under the...
  11. EvilSS

    CTA Featured Threads & Portal [Paid]

    Thanks mate, moving the title of the thread down looks a to tricky. But for the page title, i would edit this like so, for google to pick it up in page source ? <xen:container var="$head.openGraph"> <xen:include template="open_graph_meta"> <xen:set var="$url">{xen:link...
  12. EvilSS

    CTA Featured Threads & Portal [Paid]

    This is awesome thanks mate. Great addon to thank you. Is it possible to display the widgets on the page to please? Like if i wanted to place a widget on forum list, i would simply set the the Position: hook:forum_list_nodes And like you said, adding cta_featuredthreads_featured to Position...
  13. EvilSS

    Remove Search Forums

    This is just what i wanted mate. Thanks ;)
  14. EvilSS

    Remove Marked Forums Read

    Thank you for this mate. Works great ;)