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  1. EvilSS

    Shades of Grey

    Saves me from doing this mate thanks heaps.
  2. EvilSS

    [TH] Reactions [Paid]

    If Xenforo created a whole new addon you would have to pay for it. Just like this one, it's an entirely new addon, why would you get it free? You have never bought this addon before to get a upgrade free. Just stating the obvious mate sorry.
  3. EvilSS

    XF 1.5 started getting Module 'imagick' already loaded errors

    Thats certainly on the to do list thanks. The only reason i havent is, i run 2 xenforo boards and only 1 has the errors.
  4. EvilSS

    XF 1.5 started getting Module 'imagick' already loaded errors

    Hi, For some unknown reason i am getting these errors in my error log: Module 'imagick' already loaded in Unknown on line 0 Like, one after another, they just keep coming. I do not have imagick enabled in my admin panel. I havent installed anything in the last 5 days and im not sure what the...
  5. EvilSS

    Header Thumbs

    Yep done everything 100% correct, double checked everything, have ImageMagick blah blah, and get that error to. It would be nice if members or the Author could actually reply to peoples issues and state a fix. This thread is full of questions with no answers. Didn't get a reply to my last...
  6. EvilSS

    Members Online Plus

    Hi mate, First off, thank you for this addon. Im also wondering if you're able to help me out please, im having a issue where the whos visited box border or box shows inside my main sidebar layout if this makes sense? Border in border or table in table. Wondering if theres a quick fix please...
  7. EvilSS

    XF 1.5 Is there away to bypass this error please?

    Thanks mate, didn't think there was much i could do. The xen forum i am importing to has a lot of content, so i didn't enable the checkbox. Thanks anyway mate. Cheers.
  8. EvilSS

    XF 1.5 Is there away to bypass this error please?

    No matter what i try and do, i cant seem to bypass this error. Im trying to import my other xen forum into my main xen forum. Im guessing by reading this forum, its something to do with user id clash, or attachment clash. But i have tried everything in the way of deleting attachments etc. I get...
  9. EvilSS

    [Endless Horizon] Advanced Open Graph [Paid]

    Ahhh, ok. I see what i did wrong. I paid for this mod in AUD, sorry about that, $14.19 sounds more like it in AUD. Paid, again!
  10. EvilSS

    [XFA] Extended Cover [Paid]

    Hey mate, did you get a fix for this please? It looks shocking tbh in mobile/ipad view.
  11. EvilSS

    [8WR] XenPorta 2 (Portal) PRO [Paid]

    Huh? Maybe you read wrong mate. Some front pages have option to add the widget to the page list. Example: Creating a widget to add on your front page right sidebar you would simply add EWRporta2_ArticleList to Position done? This goes to the sidebar not the page list center. Some pages have the...
  12. EvilSS

    RM 1.2 Where is Style Properties for Resource Manager?

    I need to make some small changes to the Resource Manager, like border around the Resource post. I cant seem to find the Style Properties for Resource Manager? Thanks.