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  1. EvilSS

    [bd] Widget Framework

    Upgraded to latest version. SO glad i did a back up. When i go to add/edit Widgets, i get a blank white page as well as 1/2 messed up Widgets on the forum. error log: [08-Feb-2018 23:51:31 UTC] PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '.', expecting ',' or ';' in...
  2. EvilSS

    Browser issue typing in password issue on mobile

    good to know thanks. Im using iphone 7 plus, iSO 11.2.5. i still have the issue, no updates yet. all ipads are fine, old and new. Just issues with iphones 5S, 6, 7. I have zero issues on XF1 with any of my devices. Cheers.
  3. EvilSS

    Profile Cover [Paid]

    Some times the banner decides to look like this, other times when you check your profile its fine. If you refresh the page it comes good.
  4. EvilSS

    XF 2.0 (Solved) Attachment Thumbnails not showing after upgrade

    I just did a upgrade from XF1 to XF2. All went well apart from the attachments not showing. I tried changing permissions to 0777 for data and internal_data and everything in side those folders. Rebuilding attachments, but no go. Wondering what i have missed please? EDIT: sorry, i think i should...
  5. EvilSS

    Browser issue typing in password issue on mobile

    No worries mate thanks. Ipad works fine in safari and FF, just not iphone. XF1 no issues Cheers.
  6. EvilSS

    Browser issue typing in password issue on mobile

    Sorry, i have no idea what this is called, mobile cursor or something. Anyway, when typing in my password on XF2, the typing line displays below where you're typing. Password only, typing in your username seems fine. Sorry if this has already been reported.
  7. EvilSS

    XF 2.0 return back to forum home link on mobile question

    Hi, While using XF2 on mobile, is there a option to add the Forum link to go back to the Forum Home without clicking the logo etc please? If i was to upgrade, the facebook users of my forum would have no idea how to return to Forum Home without a link saying Forum. Im guessing they would work...
  8. EvilSS

    [TH] Bookmarks [Paid]

    Hi, I keep getting this error pretty much everyday. Disabled for now. Server error log ErrorException: [E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR] Argument 1 passed to ThemeHouse\Bookmarks\Pub\Controller\Bookmark::addEditBookmark() must be an instance of ThemeHouse\Bookmarks\Entity\Bookmark, instance of...
  9. EvilSS

    MG 2.0 massive mess fresh install

    nope, it didn't fix the issue. will create a ticket later thanks.
  10. EvilSS

    MG 2.0 massive mess fresh install

    Thanks mate, i'll give this a crack soon.
  11. EvilSS

    [TH] Reactions [Paid]

    This is so good. 1 issue i am having is, if youre typing a massage in PM. And the other person replies before you after you submit, you cant give them a thumbs up until you refresh the page. But thanks.
  12. EvilSS

    MG 2.0 massive mess fresh install

    Hi, Im am currenlty testing out XF2. I installed the latest gallery, but its made a mess of the forum and admin panel. Is there a quick fix. Im finding it hard to even disable the gallery. Thanks.
  13. EvilSS

    Shades of Grey

    Saves me from doing this mate thanks heaps.
  14. EvilSS

    [TH] Reactions [Paid]

    If Xenforo created a whole new addon you would have to pay for it. Just like this one, it's an entirely new addon, why would you get it free? You have never bought this addon before to get a upgrade free. Just stating the obvious mate sorry.