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    [TH] Image Optimizer [Deleted]

    Here ya go: php cmd.php | grep -i image xf-rebuild:thimageopt-optimize-existing-image Optimizes existing content
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    XenForo Redirects for vBulletin

    I have this working with my site, but URL's that end in .html#post999999 they 404... Any ideas how to fix this on nginx?
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    [OzzModz] Find Reactions [Paid]

    OK Thank you. I see it now.
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    [OzzModz] Find Reactions [Paid]

    Installed this and I can't figure out how to search the reactions. There is nothing on any of the Search pages/tabs.... I made sure my Admin usergroup has permission to search for reactions.
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    [XTR] Node List Widget

    I tried to set this up and even if I select "page" nodes they do not show up in the widget. Page nodes seem to break it :(
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    Simple redirect in nginx or xenforo?

    I've got that installed but it doesn't show up as a 404. It redirects from index.php?pageid=rules and shorts to just It doesn't think it's a 404 for some reason.
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    Featured images [Paid]

    I believe I've found a bug in this. I have been noticing broken thumbnails with this quite often. If I refresh enough times, long enough, they all start working. If I manually run the featured images cron job and refresh the page, they are all broken and slowly start trickling in. I suspect...
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    Simple redirect in nginx or xenforo?

    I had VB setup with CMPS and the old URL was as such site/index.php?pageid=rules I can do basic nginx redirects but I can't match on values after the ? (post value). I'm wondering what the best way is to redirect that URL to the sites normal terms URL: site/help/terms/ Anybody know the best...
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    XF 2.2 Is there a list anywhere of what functionality you lose with suggestions/Q&A/etc. type forums?

    I'm about to switch a regular forum into a suggestion so I can have people vote on a post. I'm worried that if I change the forum I might lose some functionality.. ie, I lost a bunch of polls one time doing something similar because the default mode was not to allow posts. Is there a list...
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    [TH] Image Optimizer [Deleted]

    Check out my previous posts. Essentially, this thing never cleans up after itself until it's done running. If you have a cloud provider where you can attach block storage (ie, Linode has it, DO, etc), I would suggest doing that. I've optimized 1TB of attachments but I had to create an ADDITIONAL...
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    Upload Signature Pictures [Deleted]

    I can't buy this thing either and his forum is full of spam.... hoping someone else makes a better add-on because I would like this functionality.
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    [XTR] Hide Members Signatures [Paid]

    So I purchased this, opened a ticket because it wouldn't install... the column length was too large on a forum with lots of forums. You ignored my ticket. The license has since expired and I can't even check to see if you've fixed it because I can no longer download it. Your shopping cart system...
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    Redirection Scripts for PhotoPost vBGallery

    I'd be interested in paying to get this working. Have a few sites to convert. It's looking for the library/Autoloader.php script which isn't in XF2.
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    [TH] Image Optimizer [Deleted]

    Wanted to post an update about this mod for other people interested in how it works on large datasets... It creates temporary files in the internal_data/temp folder -- and if your attachments directory is say, 37 GB, it will create about 100 GB in the temp folder while it runs. It does not...
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    Advanced Quote/Reply Essentials [Paid]

    When I enable this, the color if the @mention button doesn't pick up the same CSS as my other buttons. If I leave it as the default "Reply it does. Where/what CSS values do I need to change so it looks the same as the other buttons.