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    Server Error Undefined offset: 0 ?

    Out of nowhere the following error suddenly appears, even though everything worked fine just minutes before, and no changes where made anywhere: What could be the reason for this? Tried to rebuild all caches etc to no use Thanks
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    Unverified users can still post??

    Ok that's a shame. Do you work for Xenforo, if so will it remain this way or could you split the two groups in future updates? Also if anyone know about an addon that can solve my issue I would appreciate to hear about it. Thanks!
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    Unverified users can still post??

    Adam: Thanks, I will do that if I end up buying it. For the moment I am still test driving it to see if this is what I am looking for. And before I can decide whether I should buy it, I need to figure out if it will work the way I need it to. :) Jake: Yes, I understand that now from checking...
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    Unverified users can still post??

    Or, at least make sure the Unregistered users can post, while the Unverified ones can NOT.. The whole point of my forum is to let anonymous users post without registering, but obviously people that want to register should NOT be able to post directly until their account is confirmed - at least...
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    Unverified users can still post??

    I have been thinking over it to try figure out what it could be. The best I can think of is that I may have screwed up something with permissions. My intention is to let unregistered users post anonymously without logging in - this part works fine. The problem may be that BOTH unregistered and...
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    Unverified users can still post??

    I signed up a tester account to see how things work when not logged in as admin. I noticed that I can post even though email has NOT been confirmed - why is that?? This is a major security issue, and I dont understand what the point of confirming the email is if you can still post unconfirmed...
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    CAPTCHA on Login page to protect against auto-hacking?

    Is it possible to use CAPTCHA along with users password at login to give extra protection against automated password cracking attempts? If so, how? Thanks
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    Having posts directly on main index / root node

    I have a forum where I want it to be only one category and posts appearing on main page / index of my domain. Can I do this with XenForo? If so, how? Have been looking around in settings without figuring anything out. So basically I dont want any individual category names or forums, since...