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    Add-on Install & Upgrade

    Is it is possible to add the functionality in the future? I see mostly all of them use xenforo resource manager so I imagine the API would be the same.
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    Add-on Install & Upgrade

    Does this work with addons where the developer has decided to host it on their own sites rather than in the official addon repository?
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    XF 2.1 XenForo addons and version control

    I am developing an XenForo addon and I would like to store my addon source code using Git. What is the recommended approach for the generated files? Version them? do not track them?
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    XF 2.1 Reusing XF functionality

    Hello, I have done a lot of development with Laravel and now I am trying to get into XenForo to create an add-on for my site. One thing that was't clear to me from the docs was what functionality is available for me to reuse in my add-on. For example, what if I am not trying to override an...
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    Windows 10 Development Enviroment Discussion

    Personally I prefer to use MacOS especially for PHP development but for Windows these are the tools I use when I have to. Chocolatey (package manager) Git (source control) ConEmu (terminal emulator) PhpStorm (IDE) HeidiSQL (database client) soon to be replaced with TablePlus Filezilla (FTP...
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    XF 2.1 Font Awesome 5, Editor button management, Markdown support and more!

    I agree, I would love an option to drop support for BBcode entirely and switch to pure markdown. At the very least an option to not convert markdown and disable BBcode, I could probably write a script to convert my existing BBcode content to Markdown.
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    [XFA] Trophies Enhancement (categories, icons, leadeboard, announcement,...) - XF2 [Paid]

    I purchased the addon from your website but it will not let me download it.
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    Reliable XF Host?

    I use Digital Ocean, but it sounds like you are looking for more of a managed hosting solution?
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    Add-on Install & Upgrade

    I am hoping the reason for the delay is they are working on built in functionality that works with XenForo itself as well as addons.
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    Add-on Install & Upgrade

    I really hope so
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    Implemented Social Network Buttons Behind "Two-Clicks"

    I would consider it implemented as well, in fact I like this solution even better because no unneeded JS is loaded at all. I guess you don't get the counters but I've come to realize since the original post that nobody really cares about those numbers that much anyways. (y)
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    Better Analytics

    Hi @digitalpoint will the version for XF2 require a new license? I am wondering whether or not I should purchase now or wait for XF2 to come out and buy then. If it is going to be a new license would you be open to providing upgrades for those who purchase after a certain date? Thanks
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    Convert Image All

    I think I am getting an error when the image that is trying to be converted has the wrong extension, it works for some images but not others ErrorException: Fatal Error: imagecreatefromjpeg(): gd-jpeg: JPEG library reports unrecoverable error: Not a JPEG file: starts with 0x89 0x50 -...
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    Does anyone feel like this is the next-gen of forums?

    I think one of the primary competitors in the forum space is Discourse which I don't see mentioned often on these forums. Feature parity is a difficult thing because many of the improvements of XF2 aren't considered "features" it is the about the improved design and increased use of JavaScript...