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    Rage Quitting

    I'd agree with this statement. There's thousands of reasons why people leave a forum and many more for people to rage quit on a forum. Typically they're members that have never been the most contributing and have been very close to the rules and violations and thus is a good thing that they...
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    what are you currently working on?

    Currently working on a forum purchase, sorting out roughly 40,000 spam posts and altering the database accordingly, fun stuff!
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    Anyone Else Get A Lil Excited When...

    It doesn't really make me exited, but I do like it. Typically I'd expect them to make plugins that were a core feature in their other forum software or simply do the most popular addons on other forum software work with new forum software, I'm not saying that they will or they would, that would...
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    Domain Name question

    I actually like the domain name! I personally think it'd be for a camera company releasing a camera or something related to that but I can see where you were coming from and it might work.
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    What is the best program ftp ?

    I'm a hardcore FileZilla fan, it's never let me down and was the most popular one at the time back in the day.
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    Your six word memoir?

    For sale: baby shoes, never worn.
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    Post your results!

    Before I switched providers it was 0.004mbps, so this is godlike speed for me!
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    SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is used to make the connection more secure so that users listening on the line won't be able to tell what you're doing as easy. Primarily it's used for proxy's, VPN's or stores to purchase something with some people adding it just for the "security" even though there...
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    VideoGames You Play?

    Mainly The Binding If Issac, Disgaea, Civ 5 and borderlands. Check out my Steam here (Can add if you'd like).
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    New trend...

    I haven't seen rubber bands in a really long time, well in the UK anyway. As far as stuff like that goes, lanyards are pretty popular, as well as dog tags and buttons, stickers and posters! I've found them to be the most popular free stuff to give away and most people I know have their keys and...
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    Deleting Spam Accounts...

    Personally I've just banned the known IP addresses that join, I simply delete their accounts as it always saves space but if you're on a hosting plan that gives you a fair amount of resources to which you won't really hit, I'd rather keep them as a banned member so it's more clean and easier to...
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    What to do when you realize your idea isn't working?

    Honestly, from what you're describing, it's a number of things. Most people don't simply get up and leave due to a domain name or your branding, sure it's a contributing factor to a number of things and can get you members but I'd take a look at anything else you can. If you really need to, try...
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    Indicator in conversations

    Cheers for this, this is actually a really nice touch to show new conversation replies! I'll be adding it to my forum soon, thanks again!