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    Trophy Conditional Statement

    I am just asking is it built-in in the Xenforo script. I tried the demo version. Xenforo made this demos for the customers who thought of inspecting it correctly before they buy. So yes. I should know where I am investing, and I should check in the demo if it is possible or not. Simple.
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    Trophy Conditional Statement

    Tried the Xenforo 3 days demo and also gone through the templates. Basically I want to show an icon beside the username of an user publicly who will have one special trophy. Suppose the trophy id is 18. Is it possible by conditional statement? <xf:if is="$user.trophy_id> or something? I...
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    Wanted a Developer before I buy

    I have heard of Xenforo, and its really awesome, and I guessed that seeing the wide range of addons. But I need one custom addons which is available in mybb, but not in Xenforo. So, where can I get a developer who can help me with this? Any expert?