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    htaccess rewrite to nginx?

    I went through the redirect after the converter converted it and fixed things as it was adding [R=301,L]. Also, fixed the right route filter/path. Now, that photos from photopost and threads from vB3+vbSEO (custom config) redirecting correctly. I need to redirect the old forum and photopost...
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    htaccess rewrite to nginx?

    Okay, i figured it out.
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    htaccess rewrite to nginx?

    in file? yeah.
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    htaccess rewrite to nginx?

    Already tried that, doesn't work.
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    htaccess rewrite to nginx?

    Hello, I need some help with converting htaccess rewrite to work with nginx/centminmod. I recently converted from vb3 and photopost gallery to xenforo and this worked on apache to redirect old thread and photopost photo URLs to new xenforo ones. RewriteRule ^forums/[^\./]+/[^/]+-([0-9]+)(/|$)...
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    Migrate from cpanel to centminmod

    Hi, I need someone to migrate a website from cpanel server over to centminmod server. The servers are in same datacenter, centminmod config is already done, just need to migrate data from old cpanel server to new one. I hired someone to migrate my sites and we were going to finish after the...
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    Alphabetical pagination for XF and more [Deleted]

    It would save so much time, seriously. Thank you. Think about it, 4000 categories and you are sorting them putting 1 and 2 and 3, etc, etc... figuring out which letter goes first. Ridiculous. I used photopost gallery software for 12 years, and as crappy as it was, even it had auto sorting. I...
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    Alphabetical pagination for XF and more [Deleted]

    Maybe have an option next to top-level category and each parent category to "sort" its sub-categories which takes you to another page with the categories already sorted in order and then you just confirm. This would save hours and days of work, specially for those with thousands of categories...
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    Alphabetical pagination for XF and more [Deleted]

    I have a couple of websites with categories that are like two thousand and four thousand and after I migrated from vb, they are all over the place and not sorted alphabetical. I want to sort them alphabetically but imagine going through 2000 or 4000 categories one by one to sort them... so A is...
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    Alphabetical pagination for XF and more [Deleted]

    Does this add-on sort category list in the admin area?
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    100% Ground Up CentminMod Server Setup & Optimization Saving You Money On Hosting

    I worked with Brent over the past week or so to migrate from cPanel to Centminmod on a new server. After almost 15 years on cPanel, I am finally off and not paying the extra $$$ on monthly basis. In 2012, I tried litespeed, performance was little better but now I will not be paying litespeed as...
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    Specialist Import Services (XF1 & XF2) - vBulletin, Big Boards, Custom Imports

    Hi Slavik, I sent you PM, please let me know if you are available. I am looking to move 13 year old vb 3.8 forum which uses vbSEO for links and photopost gallery over to XF and XMG.
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    My XenForo Services

    Hi, sent you a PM, let me know if you're available. thanks
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    Materialecho [Paid]

    Nice theme. Is there only one logo position, in the center?
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    HTML Newsletter Generator - Keep Members Coming Back [Paid] [Deleted]

    So, what happens to the $50 people paid already?