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    Randomising content

    Can the images contain links at all?
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    [UW] Smileys Bar [Deleted]

    I have this running on several forums. Should I remove it?! Was it spamming something?
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    Ads Manager 2 by Siropu [Paid]

    Would it be an issue if I'm using amazon AWS for images and videos? The banners appear to get uploaded to s3 and load from there by the looks of it. So could I just change the. . js file name or is there another way around this matey?
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    Ads Manager 2 by Siropu [Paid]

    Hi @Siropu Great add on. Thanks I'm trying to change the JS filename to help with adblockers and am getting the following error. "Do not use nested directories as banner directory name." Wonder how to fix this?
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    XF 2.2 Usergroup Permissions Not Working For Me

    I suspected that would be the response. Here goes then matey. Apologies for the thread title.
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    XF 2.2 Usergroup Permissions Not Working For Me

    Erased usergroups are not letting me do things I want to do. I appear to have these deleted usergroups still applying permissions to my members. I've cleaned permissions several times, even deleted an extra usergroup or two and those too go through the process of being deleted, but then...
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    Duplicate User receives a notification about his post being moved to/within an inaccessible forum that leaks the thread title

    How can you reproduce this on here with no access to such settings? I'll have a go later on one of my forums. I think I get what you're saying.
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    X-Forwarded-For - Should I be using it?

    The IP addresses I already see are the end users IP addresses. When adding the X-Forwarded-For to my config.php, it just rendered logging in for about 10% of users useless and forwarded them back to the homepage. I'm using cloudflare on a dedicated server with multiple forums running on the...
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    XENFORO STYLES I think this is the theme you are looking for. But it has been customised a fair bit. Which might be part of the settings, but might have been paid-for.
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    Add-on [Accepting bids] Restrict all users with less than X amount of posts to only viewing threads newer than X amount of days

    I haven't given this too much thought but I think you could perhaps do this using usergroups, permissions, and forums. You'd have to create forums for the threads older than say 2 months and manually do a monthly move of threads, keep redirects for SERPs, and lock those for users not in your...
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    X-Forwarded-For - Should I be using it?

    Trying a new ad network provider to manage my Ad Manager account and they routed my traffic through their network so they can provide stats and all sorts of things. But in doing so, advised me to use the X-Forwarded-For header. Which I now understand can be spoofed? Should I be using this...
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    Is any one running your Xenforo forum on dedicated servers of OVH?

    I use OVH France, have server guy in Italy, off-site backups in Germany, CloudFlare Business Plan, 85% users in UK, 10% USA. Was being attacked every weekend and it was taking me offline and I had customers sites on my server at the time. Switched to this setup and we managed all attacks until...
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    Ads Manager 2 by Siropu [Paid]

    @Siropu; I have Ad Manager on my forum and have sidebar ads running. Ads show on all pages including threads. Though they don't show on Suggestion threads or Article threads. I've just renewed my licence to try and download the latest version of Ads Manager 2 but it isn't refreshing and...
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    Anybody sold their forum(s) to Verticalscope?

    Seem to have somebody from Virticalscope email me annually wishing to chat about buying a forum or two of mine. Wondering whether anybody has taken the leap, and whether they regretted it. It's alright thinking 3 or 4 times it's current annual turnover in the bank in one go would be nice...
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    I need help reverting my forums from Adsense to Google Ad Manager which seems much more complicated - anybody else done this?

    I've grown my forums over the last decade or more and have always used adsense. Though I'm getting emails from the likes of Ezoic and other third party companies who have a larger pool of advertisers and can apparently earn me more money. So I looked into this a little and it seems they use...