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    Forum Style needed

    I’m interested in your job , please PM me to discuss more further
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    Oreo [Paid]

    All our themes will be updated to XF 2.1 after it’s final version is released
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    Prime [Paid]

    email changed, you can reset your password now.
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    When XF 2.1 stable version is released
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    Prime [Paid]

    PayPal email and your email isn’t matched please use the same email in PayPal to send me an email
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    Prime [Paid]

    Send an email from it to
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    Prime [Paid]

    What’s your username name and the PayPal email you purchased with?
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    Not yet
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    Converting existing theme to xf2

    I'm interested in this job please start a conversation with me
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    Lynk [Paid]

    in node options we added a new option to add node image URL
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    Swift [Paid]

    I didn't test it with XF 2.1 it's for 2.0.12, XF 2.1 updates will be available soon
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    Xmagazine [Paid]

    there are plans but there is no ETA when it will be released maybe with XF 2.1 stable version
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    Swift - Swift v2.0.12

    Upgraded to xenForo 2.0.12
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    Swift [Paid]

    DohTheme updated Swift with a new update entry: Swift v2.0.12 Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Fluent - Fluent v2.0.12

    Upgraded to xenForo 2.0.12 Node layout in responsive bug fixed