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    Haha, thnx. It's one of my fav kinds of statuses :P

    Haha, thnx. It's one of my fav kinds of statuses :P
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    Third party Continuous [SIZE] bb Code

    I like how it performs, 85% of the time. However, if you have a page that was centered, then a code box below it and more text below that, it will look just fine when you submit it for the first time. If you need to correct it, you're a bit stuck with redoing the entire code be inside the code...
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    Changing placement of Log In/Out?

    I do dislike 90% of the mobile themes out there. They do well for many regular phones, but when you have a smartphone, they look so bland lol So I hope yours is good theme Kier ;) I've made the mistake of logging out many times when I tried to hit alerts or even the inbox (big hands, big...
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    Welcome Message

    Unless he's talking about this (located in the PAGE_CONTAINER) <xen:if is="!{$visitor.user_id}"><br /><br /><br /> <p class="importantMessage">Hello there guest and welcome to our forum!<br /> If you...
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    poor, poor sony - hacked again

    How else do you think they've gotten many males to keep viewing the website?
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    Giving Opera a whirl round the dancefloor

    Here's one thing you should try: Run Firefox with the addons disabled. I thought for a minute that Firefox was getting slower and slower but really many of the addons were lagging it down (mostly the Adblock Plus lol). Even if it is faster, there is less customizing that can be done compared to...
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    fixed vs fluid, really that much extra work?

    That really depends on your design. I had one design back in VB where it needed to be fixed because the background image had a gap in it x amount of pixels apart. Just perfect for the forum to nest into. Many users prefer fluid, so that it doesn't matter if they are viewing it on a 860x480 or...
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    Problem in the addons board.

    That or your membership status wasn't "upgrade" just yet. It takes about 15 minutes or so for it to take affect.
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    Warning System

    There is an mod that can do that, but currently none in the core system.
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    I bought a new HT Wildfire mobile phone

    Legal, although they do violate most warrenty agreements. Only problem I've found with rooting some people's phones is that it can make it unstable but that is easy to fix anymore.
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    What is Cloudflare ? How does it help webmasters ?

    It only logs content that is open to the public. It's impossible for it to cache hidden areas on your site due to the permissions setup written in php. If your forum is completely open or has minimal restricted areas, this would be a good solution if you have had bad experiences in the past with...
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    Animation Multiplier

    I'm not thinking right today, thus is why I posted here first haha. Thanks guys, sorry for wasting space.
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    Animation Multiplier

    Not sure if this should be in the Bugs or not, but some feedback would be nice. This is a band-new forum installation. Nothing failed all uploaded correctly. I was trying to adjust the animation multiplier, which went well. After saving it, it looks like this: Notice there is an additional...
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    do you recommend vps or shared hosting?

    The only problem I had with them is that their Support isn't the brightest. Beyond that, I had a server setup and fully running in about 12 hours (had to wait for DirectAdmin license email).
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    do you recommend vps or shared hosting?

    I pay $16 a month for my VPS (DirectAdmin, full root and 1 extra IP) As for the topic, VPS > Shared Host....but as long as you get a good host, shared host is a very cost effective solution. Likewise can be said about a VPS. I had a horrible experience where the host decided to overfill the...