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    [tl] Social Groups [Paid]

    How much would renewals cost each year? I'm a bit confused with the pricing?
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    [XB] Join User Group [Deleted]

    They were removed from XF? What for?
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    Live Stream Video

    This would be great, and a great way to support videos/livestreams from FB.GG, among other places such as Youtube!
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    paying someone to fix my broken xenforo forum (which was hacked)

    You can easily fix this yourself. 1) Change your server's user & password. 2) Keep only the config file, delete the other files and replace them with clean Xenforo files to be safe. 3 Revert the database to a working backup prior to being hacked. 4) Update your Xenforo installation to the...
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    [tl] Profile Vanity URL [Paid]

    Any update on fixing this issue with @Matt C. 's gamer profiles & the vanity URL not working properly? :-)
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    [AP] Style Suite [Paid]

    @apathy when I go to edit a profile in the admin panel, i get this error and it won't let me edit any users:
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    XF 2.2 Anyone can help me edit this HTML code to add links

    Sorry, try this: <form> <select name="list" id="list" accesskey="target"> <option value='none' selected>Choose a theme</option> <option value="index.html">Theme 1</option> <option value="theme2.html">Theme 2</option> <option value="theme3.html">Theme 3</option> </select> <input...
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    XF 2.2 Anyone can help me edit this HTML code to add links

    You could try this: <select class=" input" title="Prefixes" name="prefix_id"> <option selected="selected" value="0">(Any)</option> <optgroup label="Link Selector"> <option value="155" data-prefix-class="label label--lightGreen"><a href="#">Cliclable Link 1</a></option> <option value="156"...
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    Self Hosted Purchase Options

    Yes you can.
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    [tl] Profile Vanity URL [Paid]

    Yes, your add-on and the gamer profiles add-on is clashing. When your vanity URL add-on is disabled, it works & behaves properly. So a fix is needed from either you or @Matt C. .
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    [tl] Profile Vanity URL [Paid]

    For the tab that doesn't work properly? it's this:
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    [tl] Profile Vanity URL [Paid]

    Fixed it @Matt C. :-)
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    [tl] Profile Vanity URL [Paid] here you go, click "Gamer Cards" You'll see what i mean, with your add-on disabled, it works fine.
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    [tl] Profile Vanity URL [Paid]

    There seems to be an issue with this add-on and @Matt C. . 's gamer profiles. When you click on "Gamer Cards" within a profile and you have a vanity URL this is what happens: Any chance of this getting fixed in an updated version? Thanks!
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    [AH] Gamer Profiles

    @Matt C. when I asked on Twitter, this is the link I was sent, not sure if any of these would be of any use: