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    Greek language - accented letters

    Yes please, if you have any details can you post them ? I tried all existing options with the xenforo enhanced search and none worked, as described above.
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    XF 1.5 Sudden problems with log in

    Sorry mate for what exactly ? Are you using ezoic?
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    Some sad news

    His post is so difficult to read, very sad news :(
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    XF 2.1 Customizing Widgets questions

    If someone can help me with n.2 above I am willing to pay.
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    [XenConcept] Prefix forum listing [Paid]

    The add-on already does this :)
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    [XenConcept] Prefix forum listing [Paid]

    Oh, well there was no notification or update so I wasn't even aware. I just updated it, seems to be ok now, you can check the prefix list on my forum here...
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    [XenConcept] Prefix forum listing [Paid]

    It does, but the add-on is currently still not working properly. On mobile the display is broken: I hope the developer can fix this soon.
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    Add-on vBadvanced CMPS style Navigation Widget...
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    [XenConcept] Prefix forum listing [Paid]

    Many thanks, it works now :)
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    XF 2.1 Set RSS feed for each forum for external export?

    RSS feeds still work fine, just put a forum's URL in an RSS feeder and it will fetch that forum's threads no problems :)
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    Greek language - accented letters

    Turns out this is not working for me, I tried accent removal, and I also tried word stemming for greek, and rebuilt the search index. Unfortunately my search still brings different results for accented and non accented words. So as it stands I cannot use the enhanced search, is there anyone...
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    Database tables innodb / myISAM / memory

    I see most of my tables are innodb, but some are in MEMORY. These are: xf_session_activity xf_attachment_view xf_thread_view xf_mg_album_view xf_mg_media_view Should these be converted to innodb as well or are they correct sitting in Memory?
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    XF 2.1 Session issues with admin panel and avatar

    @Chris D it turns out it was in fact the IPs being all over the place for some reason. Once I identified this was the issue I managed to fix it. Many thanks for pointing me to the right direction. :)
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    XF 2.1 Session issues with admin panel and avatar

    How about this strange find: when I log on to my admincp and go to the admin log, I see my correct true IP there when I go to the /online/ url on my forum I see my correct true IP there however when I click on my username and go to "ip addresses" I see IPs from all over the place So the...
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    XF 2.1 Session issues with admin panel and avatar

    They have their own domain and path set, but same prefix I believe, but I assume that is not an issue since they have different domains. I actually think I removed the cookie definition for one of them yesterday to test it without this with no results. Hmmmm.....