Hello, My name is Cory. I run a "Minecraft Server" and have administered a lot of Minecraft Communities. IGN: Cory - Also known as "King of AFK" as I join servers a lot and "Go AFK".

Started as Moderator on Minecraft Mondays with BebopVox and promoted all the way up to Head Admin and currently Former, Head Admin. Everyone was basically using XenForo, so I'm the one that installed and converted their current forums. They were using phpBB.

I'm currently a Senior Administrator for Nerdcrafteria, I handle the forums which is also XenForo. (My idea, yet again) - This server is owned officially by Hank Green himself. YouTuber: vlogbrothers.

I've been involved in other communities such as Minecraft Survival Games (MSCG) its inception stages. Coded their first Leaderboards as I'm also a Web Developer as well, specifically a PHP Coder.

When MCSG came out and started to have a lot of servers, there was joke amoung them how there were "TooManyServers" and Chad decided to purchase the domain "" I noticed users were creating servers.dat files and uploading them everything there was an update to that list as they're constantly adding new servers. Well I had an idea an original idea and since I'm not java coder (One of the things I plan to do.) I came up with "Multiplayer Profiles" which basically is a client-side mod that enables you to "Create a Profile" and then copy and paste a link I've provided and downloads all the servers in a nice organized fashion. More Details:

Lately, I have been involved in my own Minecraft Community as it's called JustOneMoreBlock which is also XenForo. As part of my network, I also own which I've written a script that automatically checks for a new version of "Snapshot Releases" and if there is a new one released. Automatically Checks, Downloads, Starts Server and then sends a tweet. :) - Cool, Huh? Just join that domain or add @MCSnapshot to your twitter. Usually every Thursday.

Also, by trade how I've earned my jobs in all my Minecraft Communities as I'm a Server Administrator, Specifically Linux. Currently, I work for the largest Minecraft Hosting Companies, MCProHosting, LLC as a Senior Server Administrator. Anotherwards, I fix things to make sure your Minecraft Servers stay online!

I'm a cool guy and I like helping people, I'm nice - Need something? Don't hesitate to message me.

- Cory
Apr 4, 1988 (Age: 32)
United States
Server Administrator, Web Developer
Other forum software used
Invision Power Board, MyBB, phpBB, SMF, vBulletin 3.x, vBulletin 4.x


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