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    Disreputable service providers

    Direct developer feedback is required 100%
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    XF 2.2 Rumble embeds

    I also need this feature, and as Rumble becomes more popular it would be handy to be able to do. Can someone please answer? Or is there a addon we can use?
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    XF 2.2 Determining Styles / Themes

    Sometimes you can see the information in the footer on who developed the style, otherwise as above. There are probably only a handful of good theme/style designers for xenforo
  4. combatgamez - 21 year old website now on Xenforo

    Nice site, and for the record yes I googled huddler.. lol
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    Such nice software but a ton of questions

    hey mate, there is a mod you can download that will fix all issues, including future issues that we dont even know about yet. I will just go and find the link and post it here, or have I already posted it here?
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    Web based puzzle

    yes I remember it. and I got past the first website and that was it hahaha
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    Getting new members to post on forum

    Post up the article then get the link to the post that is created in your forum, go back and edit the article and post this link in the bottom of the article with something like: click here to discuss in our forum or similar. lock replying to articles directly. I know its a pain but a bit of a...
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    Need Cloudfare installed

    As others have said, you need to set up a cloudflare account and do it from that end, you will also need to change your DNS records from your domain name register etc, as per above. I have minimal server knowledge and found it pretty easy.
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    Disreputable service providers

    why? discussion in topics ebbs and flows... no don't change the topic.
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    Request of personal data

    As others have said I would just ban the user and delete all content from that user, problem solved. Sounds like no matter what you would do the person wouldn't be happy. Of course, it is your site and your rules, just remember though which country you are in and your servers and what that...
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    XF 2.2 Removing the board name from our homepage

    Does this change your google results or remove the title from google search results? thanks
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    Private forums and invite only by moderators of each forum.

    interesting idea, id be interested in doing something similar.
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    [XTR] Resource Manager Layout [Paid]

    Is there a demo site with this on it? thanks.
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    Use resource manager for a links directory?

    Just wondering if anyone has used it for a links type directory. I am looking to list a heap of websites and possibly some documents, needs to be able to have the links/websites in multiple categories, is this something that could be done in resource manager? Otherwise i am looking at a forum...
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    XF 2 Link Directory Addon Needed

    I am also interested in this mod.. any updates?