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    How to Create a Bridge?

    Cant work it out, zzz alright well if setting the uid in the xf_user is bad ive created an user_extid field thats int(10) ive tried to $cWriter->set('user_extid', $sID); and obvs added the $sID variable to parameter of createUser function but still doesnt like it, not exactly sure whats going...
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    How to Create a Bridge?

    Yeah that doesn't work. Just getting the usual An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later. Message as usual, I'm fairly comfortable with setting unique ID's manually as registrations only come in via our external site only. Any other suggestions ?
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    How to Create a Bridge?

    I know this is odd, but does anyone know if we can set a user_id as well using this function? appXenForo::createUser("jared", "", "testing"); I don't want to use the auto incrementing unique ID's by XF as I have a replicating system going on where I'm using records from another...
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    User Class

    Anyone know if the final code for this got posted somewhere?