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    New xEvil is defeating hCaptcha it seems

    We have custom questions for registration so have not seen any spam there but we are seeing a bunch of it on the contact form. Is there a way to keep the built in contact form but just change its URL? I suspect these bots are just scanning for the /misc/contact url. Thanks
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    Duplicate XF 2.2.7p1 older IOS devices are missing reply text boxes

    Do you have an eta on 2.2.8? Thanks
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    Duplicate XF 2.2.7p1 older IOS devices are missing reply text boxes

    We recently upgraded our site from I think 2.2.6 but it may have been 2.2.5 to 2.2.7p1. Since then one of our admins (and possibly other community users) have been having missing the editor text both when accessing the site using an older iPad. Our admin has an older iPad 3rd gen running IOS...
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    ES 2.2 Similar thread user option to disable

    Is there the ability to give users the option to turn off similar threads? We enabled elasticsearch recently and some of our users don’t like the similar threads or suggested threads while others do. Thanks
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    XF 2.2 Outdent grayed out?

    bumping to see if anyone has any ideas. thanks!
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    XF 2.2 Outdent grayed out?

    Hi, one of our users let us know the outdent button is grayed out in the editor. Indent works fine but outdent is grayed out. Whats strange is if I use control + [ the outdent button works. Any thoughts on why this would be? Thanks!
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    Add-on XFMG Album Thumbnail

    Chris did you ever find someone to create a plug-in like this? We really miss it from the older 1.x gallery. Thanks
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    MG 2.2 Remove overlay from thumbnails

    Is there a way to remove the overlay text on the gallery thumbnail view? On mobile devices the text covers up about 1/3 of the picture. Thanks!
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    MG 2.2 Email Notification with thumbnail of media

    Is there a way to include a thumbnail of the media added to the gallery in the email notifications people get who watch the gallery? We use our gallery as a showcase and a lot of people watch the gallery and it would be nice to include a thumbnail of the media in the email notification. Thanks!
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    XF 2.2 regex for location

    Thanks Brogan!!
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    XF 2.2 regex for location

    Interesting... we use the core location field to display peoples location in the user box. I could setup the new field and then via SQL copy the current core location field to the new custom field. From there I suspect I just need to enable the custom location in the messages style property...
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    XF 2.2 regex for location

    Is there a way to use a regex for the location field on user registration? Looking at code it looks like it would have to be something custom but I wanted to double check. We require people to put their city and state in the field and we typically only get one or the other. Like the regex for...
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    XF 2.2 regex for username to require at least a single space

    /([a-zA-Z]+\s?\b){2,}/ is what I figured out in that it matches two or more words with a space in between. It seems to work for my setup. I may go back and tweak it so it forces people to not use all lower case or all upper case but for now this is a good start.
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    MG 2.2 Description Required

    I tried that exact required but must have typo'd it or something as it did not work. Its working perfectly with your code. Thank you!