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    [TAC] Fool Bot Honey Pot [Paid]

    Fix worked, yay :-) Now to see what the bots do - here's for hoping! Mood: Optimistic.
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    [TAC] Fool Bot Honey Pot [Paid]

    Hi @tenants - this looks like a very solid addon and package, and I'm trying to test it as my site is getting an increasing amount of bot traffic - but I'm getting an error on trying to submit user registration with FBHP enabled :-( [Fri May 17 03:24:08 2013] [error] [client]...
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    Unmaintained My Little Ponycons 1.0

    Well - not much to say, it had to happen eventually ;) + I didn't personally create any of them, just fletched them together when they were added on the EVE University forum (Thanks Keld!) More details and all of them posted in the additional info link. Figured somebody might get a kick...
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    My Little Ponycons

    Cervator submitted a new resource: My Little Ponycons (version 1.0) - Smilies are magic Read more about this resource...