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    XF 2.2 Assorted improvements

    Very impressive work guys, it's making me want to setup an install to play with for sure!
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    XF 2.2 Forum and thread types

    Very nice update xenforo devs very nice indeed!
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    What style this is

    Looks to be a custom job
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    SEO (SEO2) [Deleted]

    Sounds good, can you post a public guide as well :) I'm sure I'll need to look it over for a few projects, I like google
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    SEO (SEO2) [Deleted]

    I'd love to know this as well :)
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    Integrate Xenforo into Zapier ? (Automatically integrate your web services)

    IFTTT is somewhat similar
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    RM 2.0 How to expand all sub categories in Resource manager?

    Have you tried this? I saw it last night but haven't tried it yet.
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    RM 2.0 Customized Resource Managers

    I'd love to see some examples of the Resource Manager that isn't stock or default. I would really like to see layout examples (I know there are a few mods) I would also love to see someone who's made the Resource Managers' listing show up with Google's Rich Cards implemented. This is tagged as...
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    Lack of interest Structured Data for Rich Cards

    It shouldn't be that bad to hard code it into the resource templates, I'm going to give it a try and will report back. :)
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    🔥 [Foro.Agency] Profile Customization (profile banner, custom tab...) [Deleted]

    Great mod and good suggestions so far. Yes please! :)
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    Tapatalk and V2

    No need for tapahack with xf2.. it's very mobile friendly
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    Day Night Switcher

    I like this, thanks for sharing :)
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    XF 2.0 I need a logo-any graphic designers out there?

    A thread in the marketplace? Give it some time, you'll see most mine are a few days long if not a week or more. Otherwise if you're a brand new user then just try to help a few people out if you see questions you know. They get a lot of users signing up just to spam their sites, so those users...