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    Cannot reproduce Users on iOS 13 can’t login

    You should ask @ThemeHouse, not @XenForo since they created the UIX style.
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    How to include automatic amazon affiliate carousel

    I use this one: Works great
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    Host problem

    Not to my knowledge. I'll let them reply though.
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    Has anyone ever offered to buy your forum?

    They've bought many forums I've been apart of, and ruined them all.
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    Slack Notify

    Thanks to this add-on, I was able to catch a potential email problem with AWS this morning.. just a nice plug from me :D Hopefully this helps folks who are also Slack users.
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    XF 2.0 Adding a checkbox on register_form

    Sure, does this help? <?php namespace BoostN\SendySync\XF\Pub\Controller; use XF\ConnectedAccount\Provider\AbstractProvider; use XF\ConnectedAccount\ProviderData\AbstractProviderData; use XF\Mvc\ParameterBag; class Register extends XFCP_Register { protected function...
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    Host problem

    Not here. Customer for years for some smaller forums and a few static sites. Not one issue, and help is always there.
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    No email bounce log action from Amazon SES spam complaints

    If you can set and endpoint in the SNS to your XF installation, build an addon to ingest that webhook data to transform and mark the profile as bounced it would solve this issue correct?
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    Sendy Newsletter Generator & Subscriber [Paid]

    Sendy is still very good! It's a great resource for keeping members engaged in your forum.
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    XF 2.0 Email Service Provider

    The sending limits with GSuite for a larger number of emails could be limiting. ( Looks like 2000K per day. That will not work for larger forums..
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    XF 2.0 Email Service Provider

    Yep, got that email this week. Sad, as it was a great service! I'm using AWS SES now for all of my SMTP email services.
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    KnownHost - Managed Hosting Services - 30% Off For Life - Perfect for any size XenForo deployment.

    I'd recommend which uses Amazon SES to deliver the emails.. not only is it cheap, it'll be more reliable then using your own server and it's IP address. I do this for one of my sites that's hosted on Knownhost. Works well!
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    Google adsense

    You don't have any ad blockers installed on your browser do you ? :D It does take time to show up on the forum in my experience.. also, check the console log for any errors.
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    Google adsense

    Go to Ad Units, then the "Get Code". My Ad type is "Text/image, Responsive".
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    Google adsense

    Its works fine using the default advertising positions XF offers. A example: