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    Signup abuse detection and blocking [Paid]

    Is it possible to flag the timezones? I'm seeing a number of scammers join that have a certain time zone, but IP in the US for example. Or is it possible to flag users of a VPN?
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    Add-on I need an addon that throws any change to a user account into moderation

    I concur - I also need this. Particularly when a user is getting their email address changed, I would like to throw the user into moderation. I was just coming here to look for an addon such as this.
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    Showcase Filter by AddonsLab [Paid]

    Is it possible to use it as a filter by category? In this case I have the category to be years. Would be helpful.
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    Font Awesome Manager

    Thank you for the reminder, I did enable the feature - and all logging possible. I haven't seen any logs yet.
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    Font Awesome Manager

    I'm installing pyftsubset, but I need to find the path first.
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    [BS] Regex censor

    Is it possible to remove old fonts etc?
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    Fraud control

    I would leverage Cloudflare, and block certain countries from able to login/register. Use Xon's addon to block some VPN's. Require each new member to be approved, and watch 5 or so posts and look at the IP's of each post. If the IP's are all over the place, you can ask the user what the deal is...
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    Font Awesome Manager

    When I enable this plugin, for some it does causes the icons from FA to go away, and some not. I've started to experience it. What are the best ways to troubleshoot the cause?
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    [BS] Regex censor

    What type of experiences are you looking for with performance? I haven't measured anything, but multiple forums, it's working well, and I believe it's running on macrumors as well. So depending on your setup it could be different. @021 Thank you for the update! Is there a chance you can help...
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    [BS] Regex censor

    I would be happy to cover the cost of your renewal if it would help. As I'm now experiencing this as well.
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    [BS] Regex censor

    Thank you for this! What does the 'isu' reference? Does this already replace signature urls in this case?
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    [BS] Regex censor

    I have some old forum urls from a previous vB4 install. How could I replace the urls with the updated redirected urls? I have moved the forum to the root folder now so it would result to
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    XenForo Redirects for vBulletin

    Could you explain a bit more on what you did? I had my vB4 in a /vb/ directory and now in my root.
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    Submit your site to the official customer showcase!

    Wouldn't that be the same thing?
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    [BS] Regex censor

    I wonder if I could use it to remove the mentions then.