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    Hello, delete my account

    Hello, delete my account
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    Future fix attachments are not deleted

    I noticed that attachments to the message are not shown if not used in the message. But when editing, they are displayed below with the possibility of insertion. This happens just when restoring an earlier version, where there were no attachments. Will these attachments be considered orphaned...
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    Permission to VIEW Homepage

    In access rights, if I do not confuse anything, there is permission to view, well, you can also prohibit it.
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    Changing images when hovering

    Hello, this is not a question about XenForo, but rather to people who understand css and js. I want to do what would be the guidance on the picture, after 0.5 seconds there were 2 then 3 then 4 pictures but all in the same form, that is some kind of preview