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    Can this be like a meme!?
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    Add-on Use xenforo as an article comment system on external pages

    One up for this thread! Crazyengineers have modified the layout to reflect a website style with discussions below. A nice addon would be to have an external website and comments loaded FB style in the end of it through XF
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    XenAPI - XenForo PHP REST API

    I have not tried yet this addon, but the idea of it looks great! Went through all the posts in this thread and checked documentation. I was thinking of a system which uses XenForo threads as comments for another website, and if I find time to start, this API will be great help. Keep it up...
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    Reach a xenfor instance from more than one domain

    Hello, I have a community running on XenForo and there is a request to add a sub-forum which should be run in a different domain. I have created a domain alias for the second community pointing at the same zones in DNS /apache as the primary domain. My point is how to introduce a ReWrite or...
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    Sidebar on specific category

    oh Nevermind! I forgot this is achieved by introducing sidebars on category template
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    Sidebar on specific category

    Hello, I am trying to customize some forum-category and I am stuck at this point. I would like to have a specific sidebar for this specific category. Anyone know a solution on how to do this? I have TMS installed if that one helps.
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    XF 1.1 My Forum's Getting Lots Of Spam

    Having same problem. Since last Sunday a lot of Spam. I have seen xrummer in one of the emails and I assume some xrummer has a list of all xenfor forums now and is bypassing registration captcha. Anyone has a solution that helped improve the situation?
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    Is it possible to upgrade from Beta 6 to RC2?

    I missed the upgrade to RC1 and there are no files for RC1 in the Customers Section. Is it possible to go directly from Beta 6 to RC2?
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    Global RSS/XML Feed

    is this topic dead? I see no activity here since some time.
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    Large Xenforo Sites

    well, over 900 000 posts, previous running on UBB. and ... it is in Albanian :)
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    How can I add facebook login under signup button?

    Anyone know what is the template to add this information on top of all the forums?
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    Show us your XF (former
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    External Registration

    Oh yeah, I forgot about the xf_user_authenticate, you have to create e class file for your XenForo_Authentication_METHOD
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    Nice to have a XF :)

    Nice to have a XF :)
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    External Registration

    I have imported some of my users using the following script. You have to change the database fields to fit to your own and create. <?php include '../library/config.php'; $link = mysql_connect('localhost', $config['db']['username'], $config['db']['password']); if (!$link) { die('Could not...