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    *XenForo Addon Development *Consultation *Migration Services

    This is the information that Hassan has provided to me: wagrasol/Hassan has sent me his fiver profile which has many projects completed and positive reviews. And also screenshots from positive upwork reviews. Normally his fiver profile is set to private. His upwork profile is also private. The...
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    *XenForo Addon Development *Consultation *Migration Services

    Could you please elaborate on this and post links to the top rated profiles you mention?
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    Similar Content Widgets (for any content type)

    Thats what this suggestion proposes.
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    XF 1.5 Invalid SOS parameters for sequential JPEG

    You can replicate it by uploading a photo from a Samsung Galaxy phone to your avatar. It has to be a somewhat recent samsung galaxy. For example Samsung galaxy S5 will not cause this issue. We are using XF 1.5.19 and php 7.1 btw.
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    Lack of interest [Suggestion] Allow threads to be posted to multiple forums...

    What I am currently looking for is not a mirroring of nodes, but a mirroring of specific threads. For example, post a thread in node 1, and mirror it in node 7, 24, 93. Then post another thread in node 1, and mirror it in node 18, 27, 34 Not unlike redirects. @Dean describes it well here:
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    Lack of interest [Suggestion] Allow threads to be posted to multiple forums...

    3 pages of discussion and almost no votes. @Tigratrus @Enigma @myp @Onimua @Ahmed @John L. @JayCC @UltraX You forgot to add your vote. Is there any addon that can do this?
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    [bd] Data Storage [Paid]

    @xfrocks does this addon work with Digital Ocean Spaces like bd attachment store does? (external data storage option) I have quite a large amount of data to transfer to the Spaces, so I will need to use an external uploader (CyberDuck) for that.
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    [WMTech] Sticky Multiple Account Info [Paid]

    After the 1.1.5 update the details of the second user is often a complete hotlink. i.e. email to warning count and everything inbetween is all one big hotlink to the member profile.
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    Force Privacy settings confirmation: Record opt-in for news and update emails (GDPR)

    My site is decades old. Members have opted into my newsletter before there was ever an audit trail. Now with the GDPR I am supposed to be able to prove that my members opted in or face potentially millions in fines. But there is no functionality to prove legacy members have ever given consent...
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    Password Tools

    Feature requests: send password reset link from admincp generate strong password from admincp generate strong password from /account/security
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    XenForo 3

    Xenforo 1 is 8 years old. 8 years is a very long time in internet technology. The net will be a different place in 8 years from now.
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    [WMTech] Sticky Multiple Account Info [Paid]

    Where can I find this? I see no such options and the reports do nto include dob, user state, gender, ips.
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    Drag and drop files to upload

    I find it confusing that there is drag & drop in Forum, but not in Media. IMHO it would make a lot of sense to stick to the same standards. Especially since this feature has even more value in Media than in forum.
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    Stripe: Android/Google Payments

    Google Pay is available through this addon:
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    Implemented Support Apple Pay via Stripe

    Thanks for the information.