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    OzzModz / Snog’s Addon Development Services

    Very cool developers. Ordered several plugins, all did great and even better. Immediately it is obvious at the highest level own the engine Xenforo. Thank you very much!
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    SEO & Index Tools [Paid]

    A new version of AMS 2.2.17 is out, where the developer added the meta title, OG title. Please check if there is a conflict with your plugin.
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    SEO & Index Tools [Paid]

    Please tell me how to change the template in AMS VIEW to replace the header with the meta header. I need the meta title to be displayed instead of the article title. To do as in the example:
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    Series conversations for new users

    How can I make it so that I can create a series of conversations with new users. For example, day 1 - getting to know the forum, day 2 - benefits of subscribing, day 3 - do you like the forum? And so on. That is, like a series of emails, only with conversations. I think it's called in email...
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    [Scandal's] xF Glossary

    Yes this behavior too. But when I hover my cursor over the text in the forum, it's not there. It is only present on the nodes. So I thought it was a problem with the plugin.
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    [Scandal's] xF Glossary

    And how to remove the color change on the text of the term? When I place the cursor in the text area, this field turns gray. Without cursor - White Hovering cursor - gray
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    [Scandal's] xF Glossary

    How can I fix the gray background when searching?
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    XF2 [8WR] XenAtendo 2 (Calendar) PRO [Paid]

    After installing "XenAtendo 2 (Calendar) PRO", the "[DBTech] DragonByte Credits" plugin icon disappears. How to fix it and what to do? It goes like this
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    [cXF] Sticky Sidebar [Paid]

    The plugin will work in the AMS article? I will give you a concrete Example
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    [Xen-Soluce] SEO Optimization [Paid]

    prescribe = add meta title and description
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    [Xen-Soluce] SEO Optimization [Paid]

    And in the tags can prescribe a meta title, description?
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    [Scandal's] xF Glossary

    Very cool plugin, but not enough seo title description meta tags for terms. I created a post to add xen soluce SEO Optimization plugin integration please support!
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    XF2 [8WR] XenCarta 2 (Wiki) PRO [Paid]

    Is it possible to write a seo meta title description for a wiki?