MY HISTORY: Back in 2004 several of us started communicating on a Yahoo Group and after a few years we finally evolved into starting Recumbent Riders International. While I had run a BBS via dialup (i.e. The Tutorboard) back in the days before the internet, I was vaguely aware of what it might take to create an online forum for our discussions. Luckily, we tripped across the vBulletin software which has always ran like a champ for us.

While I'm not a 'coder,' by utilizing some MODS on (and enough trial/error), we managed to customize the software so it's worked well for our purposes. As vBulletin began to decline, I began an earnest hunt for the best Forum Software out there that seemed to fit our needs. Xenforo was a clear winner, in my book!

I know little about PHP or MySQL and even less about xml and css, so most of my 'tweaking' has been limited to revising, or inserting code snippets here and there.
Other forum software used
  1. vBulletin 3.x




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