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    [AddonFlare] Paid Registrations

    You can add it to the end of this template account_upgrade_purchase i'm not sure I understand, you want to keep existing upgrades at the same price? You can do this with this query: SELECT coupon_code, COUNT(*) total_uses FROM xf_af_paidregistrations_coupon_use coupon_use INNER JOIN...
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    [AddonFlare] Paid Registrations

    Please submit a support ticket on our site so we can take a closer look The best way to do this would be to create the same user upgrade in the different currency, then set that new upgrade as an "alias" in the paid registrations account types config:
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    Allow user to enter custom amount for paid account upgrades does both
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    [AddonFlare] Paid Registrations

    AddonFlare updated [AddonFlare] Paid Registrations with a new update entry: Critical Update Read the rest of this update entry...
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    [AddonFlare] Paid Registrations - Critical Update

    Critical Update This version makes guest purchases compatible with Google Chrome's latest version (97). We strongly recommend that all customers running previous versions of Paid Registrations upgrade to this release as soon as possible.
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    [AddonFlare] XF2 Ignore/Block Essentials [Paid]

    Yes, we have customers that use both without issues
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    [AddonFlare] XF2 Ignore/Block Essentials [Paid]

    Edit both users in the AdminCP and add the other user's name to both in the "Force user ignoring" section: Please PM the latest release for that add-on(s)
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    [AddonFlare] Paid Registrations

    Template: af_paidads_cart_purchase
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    [AddonFlare] (AJAX) Advanced Forum Stats [Paid]

    Re-download/re-upload the add-on files and rebuild it, that should fix this This is already an option. You can hide the entire left side and keep one main column and can move the stats are to the left/right side and re-order them
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    [AddonFlare] (AJAX) Advanced Forum Stats - Added support for [TH] Ignore More

    New Features: Added support for the [TH] Ignore More add-on. Content will not be displayed if it's ignored for the news feed within the [TH] Ignore More add-on
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    [AddonFlare] (AJAX) Advanced Forum Stats [Paid]

    AddonFlare updated [AddonFlare] (AJAX) Advanced Forum Stats with a new update entry: Added support [TH] Ignore More Read the rest of this update entry...
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    [AddonFlare] XF2 Awards System - Improved PHP 8 compatibility + other changes

    Changes: Improved PHP 8 compatibility Fixed showing "Unknown page" for activity on the who's online page Fixed field name phrase in the user change log Hide level in postbit when the levels system is disabled
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    [AddonFlare] XF2 Awards System [Paid]

    AddonFlare updated [AddonFlare] XF2 Awards System with a new update entry: Improved PHP 8 compatibility + other changes Read the rest of this update entry...
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    [AddonFlare] XF2 Moods [Paid]

    We'll add it to the list That would not work
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    [AddonFlare] Paid Registrations

    This is currently not possible This is possible by adding the google analytics code to this template: account_upgrade_purchase We plan on implementing our own integration with more customization soon