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    Minimum Thread Title Length - Node Setting

    This is really a pain in my site. I am not an expert, but I think it'd not be that hard or resource intensive to be included in the core.
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    GDPR discussion thread

    Does XF 2.0.6 introduce an option to obtain user consent for a specific use such as Google Adsense? Apparently, Google instructed the publishers to do so. Maybe I am wrong though.
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    XF 2.0 Can a moderator manually approves a user?

    In my forum, I enabled email confirmation for registration, but sometimes confirmation email does not get delivered and users request for manual activation. I want to assign this responsibility to the moderators, but apparently, the moderators cannot manually approve any user even though...
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    MG 2.0 Random media widget

    Oh, now I set individual categories as "Display from categories", it's working as expected. Thanks.
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    MG 2.0 Random media widget

    My Random media widget shows same 5 images, no matter how many times I refresh the page, though I have 10 images in my gallery. Display from categories is set at all category. Isn't the purpose of showing random media is to show random images everytime the page is loaded?
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    An option to add links to customized help pages to the footer menu

    Thanks, I actually know that, but wanted to avoid manual template modification for this.
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    An option to add links to customized help pages to the footer menu

    When we add a new help page through ACP, it would be nice to have a checkbox which can be used to place a link to that page to the footer menu. E.g., in, the link to "Privacy" page.
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    XF 2.0 Command "xf:legacy-cleanup" is not defined

    :oops::oops::oops: I thought the addon is just a guide with the functionality already included in the 2.0.5. Didn't notice the download button with the addon.
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    XF 2.0 Command "xf:legacy-cleanup" is not defined

    I have upgraded to XF 2.0.5 and then tried to run the following command. But it's throwing an error that the command is not defined
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    Implemented XenForo tools to comply with GDPR - rights to erasure and data portability

    Just my take on the law, if it really applies to every forum. I run a forum which offers free community-based support on a specific subject. When the members ask for help, the other members answer the questions based on their own knowledge, experience, and online search. And due to its nature...
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    XF 2.0 Can't stop email notification

    What else needs to be done to stop email notification other than the following Apparently, above are not enough as email notifications still arrive.
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    Chat 2 by Siropu [Paid]

    Same for me as well.
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    Chat 2 by Siropu [Paid]

    In the new update, nice to see a meaningful message shown to the guests ("Please login to use the chat"). However, a flaw is, the same message is shown to a logged-in member who does not have the permission to use chat. Should have shown something like "You do not have permission to use chat"...
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    Claiming an existing method as undefined

    Sure, I will do that asap as soon as I find some good alternative within my budget. My current shared hosting plan has max_user_connections = 18 and max_connections =150 and the provider is not going to increase that. I have not installed any such thing on top of XF. So unless XF has that by...