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    [TH] Library

    Hey guys! Just recently installed this add-on and it's pretty awesome! I'm currently trying to makes a guides system for my website and make it look like this Now I have some questions about this wonderful add-on. 1. Is it possible to change the thumbnail of the...
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    The 'Clan Killas® Online Gaming!' New Website:

    Nicely done site lol beats my site long time really love what your doing man +1
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    Is it possible to get a "guides" system for XenForo?

    I'm trying to get a guides section on my site which features guides that users can create it's for a game called "Dungeon Fighter Online" and I want to be able to have "approved" and "unapproved" guides. Here's an perfect example. Is it possible to do this with...
  4. 7DE1TY - DFO Fansite ( Gaming Forum) By Jaxel After that you have to look for the recentslider block and edit it out it will only fetch posts from the news section ( I think setting it up with your portal with the recentnews block is somehow connected with the...
  5. 7DE1TY - DFO Fansite ( Gaming Forum)

    Here's my site recently went with XenForo and I do not regret the decision the best forum software I have used in a long time :p I would like some feedback please :)
  6. 7DE1TY -> imported from vb4 (gaming forum)

    nice site! I really love the theme you guys have pretty awesome hope to do something like that with my own site aswell.
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    GFX Forums - Graphic Design Community

    Pretty awesome that you got the xenforo liscence now xD I'm Prophet I joined you site I think like 2 weeks ago? Haha. Really loved your site for mybb really inspired me but I just moved on to xenforo and getting it to work with my new host atm. XenForo has amazing features glad to know you...
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    Do you accept virtual visa cards

    Make sure that you have enough on your prepaid card. You would need to have over $140 ( I'd get $155-160ish) just on the safe side incase of any fees so you won't have any errors with paypal.
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    Working on my site~

    Working on my site~