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    [PB] Withdrawal Queue [Paid]

    wow this add-on look amazing, how does the bitcoin feature work? is there a box so users put in their bitcoin address then the admin can send it to their address? it work with DB credits, im going to buy this soon, my users want to withdraw their DB credits and exchange for bitcoin/usd...
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    Donations by Siropu [Paid]

    Suggestion: Bitcoin donations
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    [BS] Bitcoin payment [Paid]

    this add-on looks really good, why not many replies, how does this work, does the bitcoin go to your server? then you have to transfer bitcoin off server? if your server is hacked can loose all your bitcoin? why do we need a seperate server, "It is preferable to have a separate server...
  4. Bitcoin Siropu Advertising Add-on

    Bitcoin Siropu Advertising Add-on

    Bitcoin Siropu Advertising Add-on
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    Coinbase Commerce Integration [Paid]

    There is no btcPay add-on here, currently there is only 2 add-ons here for Bitcoin the coinbase one in this thread, but coinbase will ban you if you have stuff against their terms , so i advise not to use it if u do bad things the other is here...
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    [BS] Bitcoin payment [Paid]

    1) can't you make it so it prunes the blockchain? the newest bitcoin core, you dont have to download the blockchain anymore, you can prune it down to 2GB or maybe look in BTCPayServer 2) has anyone tested this with DB Credits Add-on? .
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    [bd] Widget Framework

    i also want to see this in new xenforo, new xenforo is missing some widgets
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    [UW] Forum Comments System [Paid]

    why did you change your add-on to "Unmaintained" suggestion: would be great if we can get tab for "new post comments" so users can see new post comments *******, had this feature .
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    Auto thread Thumbnail by Xenbros [Paid]

    oh i see, looks good, i thought it was different widget still hoping for new post widget someday .
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    Auto thread Thumbnail by Xenbros [Paid]

    anyone have a screenshot of New post Widget .
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    [Xen-Soluce] Avatar Gallery

    can you give users an option to allow them to upload their own avatars during registration .
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    Coinbase Commerce Integration [Paid]

    yes, thats exactly what it does, it routes the payments to whatever wallet you want, it's possible with your blockchain wallet i use btcPayServer so users can purchase credits with db credits add-on , siropu ads manager add-ons, i also use it for donations, except i don't use the blockchain...
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    [UW] Forum Comments System [Paid]

    no i haven't bought it yet, i am waiting for more features then i will buy .
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    [DBTech] DragonByte Credits [Paid]

    hi sir I also need custom features .
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    [UW] Forum Comments System [Paid]

    what are the next new features coming? this add-on is good so far