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zPanel hacked after support team member insults forum user

Adam Howard

Well-known member
Calling someone a "f*cken little know it all" when you repeatedly try to tell someone that there is a problem with your security.... And even offer a solution to fixing it.... But they STILL claim that the other guy knows nothing..... Then have the gull to dare someone to hack them, when they've pointed out the security issue......

..... They had it coming.

Adam Howard

Well-known member
Without exactly trying to change the topic.....

I've noticed a growing number of software developers who get very moody & set in denial, when you actually try to point something out. Not with the intentions to cause trouble or pick on the development, but to actually help make it better.... Yet development still acts as though you're crazy, turns a blind eye, and goes into denial.

I wonder why the growing trend?!