XF Forum FB Likes - Is there a way to see who liked?

When you have a FB Page and you're the admin, you can see who likes your page.

Is there a way to view who clicks "Like" in your xf forum?
This is what I see on my page xf FB likes.png

There are no names. I'm guessing because the people that liked the page were not members? Still, I would think the info would be invaluable.

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Kier, is there anyway to check? They make it available on a FB "Page.
Ask Facebook to provide this information.
Pretty sure they'll say: You should open a Facebook page !

Q: would it be good if important threads or articles could be "Posted" "somehow" "somwhere" to a Facebook page ?
Note: I don't use Facebook.
I think it depends on which Like box script you use. So it might be easily possible.

DD, lol... I do have a FB page that won't help. FYI - Right now I just manually add a link to a thread I want to highlight on my FB Page. It works good.


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Are you referring to this?

or the local xF "like" feature?

Here is the list of people who liked that specific page/thread:

I haven't tried this in xF, but you can enable that feature by entering your fb profile ID in ACP>Facebook Int.>Profile ID.
If you're talking about Admin>Options>Facebook Integration>Facebook Application ID

I haven't set that up. I thought it was for allowing users to login using their FB account. I don't want that.


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Facebook APP ID and User/Admin ID are two different things.
You can still have the like button without enabling the FB Authentication feature(leave the APP ID and APP Secret fields blank).

But you do need the User/profile/admin ID to be able to administer/manage the pages generated by the FB like button.
ACP>Facebook Int.>Facebook Page Admins
Enter your profile ID in that field.