XF Enhanced Search: Can It Be Tweaked To Search Entire Site?


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I hope this is the right place to ask this question because I'm planning to buy XF Enhanced Search plugin if it solves following problem: -

I'm in the process of integrating WordPress & XenForo. But being two different systems, I'm unable to search WordPress posts through XenForo search. I'm currently wondering whether there's a possibility of tweaking XF Enhanced Search to search our entire website - right from WordPress posts to XenForo threads and posts.

Else, the other option I have is to replace XF search with Google Custom Search engine and rely on Google to do the math.


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That's what I'm thinking. The underlying 'Elastic Search' should be able to crawl through the entire domain. Custom coding is required; can someone here do it? If yes, how much would be the cost?


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I would think using elastic search would cross this barrier?
Custom coding but would be awesome.
Yes, elasticsearch supports multiple index types and mapping, so in theory if the underlying code was created the search could search both a wordpress and xenforo data set.

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I am not aware of anything other than forum posts showing up in Xenforo search.
Not even in Xenforo Addons ...
No [XFR] Albums, No articles, No wiki (xencarta), No ... nada.
Anyone know of anything that (besides Members) showing up in XF search ?


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In fact it'd even be an awesome idea to have a system (except Google Custom Search) that crawls entire domain and lists everything according to its type.

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I certainly don't think that it is within the scope of Enhanced Search to allow xenforo to search Wordpress. I would like it but it would be hard to do.

I'm unable to search WordPress posts through XenForo search.
Enhanced search allows larger sites to use Xenforo.
Searching is very server intensive so ... before Enhanced Search ... many sites couldn't move to XF.

Enhanced Search is like it's vB version: it speeds up searching.
It however, doesn't do more intelligent searching.

In the past, i've said forum searching is across the bar subpar.
Zero creativity. Focuses on serving up "ALL" the content.

What are your users searching for in Xenforo ?
Do you have a list of say ... the last 1000 searches ?
Might be interesting to see what people are searching for.


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We're integrating WordPress & XenForo and even plan to extend the whole site beyond XF & WP :) . I just popped a question that came to my mind whether there's any possibility of having XF Enhanced Search find out all the content on the domain. In short, I was looking to see if it can do the job of Google Custom Search.