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XF Basic Dictionary (CATEGORIES)


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XF Basic Dictionary (CATEGORIES) - A list od definitions of names and jargon used on XF for new maybe not so new admins

A basic list of XF words or jargon for new admins or admins having a blond moment! There are two versions, an A-Z list, and this one, which is the same list in categories. This categories list is recommended for first readings for beginners because it builds knowledge in steps as you read it.

Admin – the first user created by the system. Admins have ability to create other users...

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There are two versions. The Categories one groups the words, and builds familiarity as you read down the groups. So you never have to read a word which is frustratingly explained later on. There is also an A-Z version.
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Might be worth putting it in as a text file. We shouldn't have to zoom in to read it and that font and size really does hurt the eyes.