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Sorry if this topic already exists, but API is too short a term for the search engine to find. May want to add it to the list as it's an important term.

So, is an API in the works for the modding community? Not talking about hooks (which rock), but the common functions: dropdowns, creating posts / threads, etc.


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I don't think dropdowns fit under an API per se, but the vast majority of our JS is reusable.

You will be able to read/write information via model or data writer classes. Or by writing your own queries, if needed. :)


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Nice. I included dropdowns because in vB 4.x they FUBAR'd the existing dropdown code where you can't as easily copy / paste it to another area anymore (hence one reason why one of my vB mods is so out of date, can't get the damn CSS anywhere near ok lol!). Hence, an easy way to do it would be nice, but that's just me. Assuming I use XF somewhere (read: convince someone to pay for it, or start a new forum), I'll be transferring some of my mods over here (e.g. Extra Profile Field Page, Profile Field Dropdowns, Profile Field Tab).