'XenForo' The Best Forum I've Seen

Brett Peters

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I also agree, To add Xenforo also boasts a great community with first class mods and a development team that I could only explain as military focused but at the same time helpful and active within the forums.

Its a win win from where I am sitting :D

Digital Doctor

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Its nicely set - up, Vbulletin is along the lines of the Windows XP era, like the buttons images, functions etc. Xen Foro has a facebook look, but looks better. Anyways its the best forum out!
Is faster, more interactive, 100% less buggy, and sexier looking.
That's pretty much a trouncing.

Luke B

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I've found it to be nothing short of spectacular! I've only been using XenForo for a couple of months but my experience so far has been an absolute pleasure.
The community here has been a tremendous help and the team members are masters of their craft.
Its safe to say, I'm addicted to XenForo :D


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I'd buy it but I just cant find that money, and set it up, but I've tried the demo and I know someone who hosts an xenforo site/forum/wiki.


Xenforo is the first forum i have ever purchased.
Not only that, but i was proud for purchasing it, made me all happy to see the community collected money going for a great purpose.


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Indeed, Xenforo is the best! And I love the fact that there is no dedicated place for 'testimonials', it's much better this way in a thread where even other people can share their own opinion adding more to what the OP posted :)