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Cannot reproduce  XenForo functionality when tethering iPhone


Active member
Due to moving house recently, I set up the tethering plan on my iPhone contract so that I wasn't without an Internet connection for a few days. I'm running XenForo on a forum I administrate, and it has been completely unusable when tethering with the iPhone.

It seems that the Javascript simply doesn't load/run when using this connection, as the various overlays display as if Javascript is disabled.

The most annoying thing, though, is that I am unable to quote messages or post messages. Quoted messages do not load in the textarea, and when posting a message, I just get the error "Please enter a valid message."

Javascript is functional on other websites when tethering with the iPhone, and there are no errors in the error console in Firefox...

Bah! Of course, stupidly I came to post this here, but of course the XenForo forum is using the XenForo software, so I get the same error! *goes to copy and paste on iPhone*


XenForo Developer
Staff member
I'm curious as to why this would happen, unless the browser is specifically blocking certain scripts. Unfortunately I have no way to test your setup here, making it very difficult to debug what is going on.


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I cannot replicate this issue using a tethered internet connection via my
iPhone 4,
iOS 4.3 GM,
MacBook Air [Late 2010],
10.7 Lion Developer Preview 1,
via Safari 5.1 or FireFox 4 or Opera 11.


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To me, "tethering" is using my phone as a modem, as I had to do this for a week or two while we got a new internet connection installed at the house. Every site ran as expected, albeit slowly. And, I used USB tethering since this computer does not have a wireless connection (I go direct to the router).