XenForo full features list

Chris Coates

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I am researching which forum to move my current forum to, and am wanting to compare the features of Xenforo. However the site does not appear to have a features list???

I found myself weeding through a pile of addons ..... not very sales friendly.



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I understand there is no feature list on the website but the best feature list would be to use the software by yourself. There is an admin demo included too, if you want to look at the backend of XenForo.

But if you really want a feature list, there are several sites on the internet with great reviews and comparisons with other forum softwares:


Good luck with your research!


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Chris, posting to facebook/twitter can be done by add ons. and mobile integration is a standard feature of xenforo 1.2. Responsive design across all mobile devices.

I was a long time vbulletin user, and have absolutely no regrets since moving to xenforo.

If you haven't already, you might want to have a quick look Here to see what xenforo can do.

3rd AnGle

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