XenForo - Evaluation copy


Hi there,

just loving this new forum. Been on vb for a long time, and this looks realy good.

BUT i miss:

- Taggings
- Prefixes

Also, as this is a new product, i would expect some kind of evaluation copy. I have a hard time motivating myself to buy a beta for like € 140.

I will stay tuned. Right now my vb rigg can do what i want, but i expect this product to push it aside in a very near future, if i just can see it live and test it.


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Wow! That was really something. Very nice gesture. Thanx.

Well. I'd not give out access to the server/ftp/XF source code, for obvious reasons, but if all people want to do is have a go at it, then by all means. It won't cost me more than the time to restore a database, and if it would be the difference between you knowing for certain you want to buy XF, or chastizing youself and ending up with vB, it'd be an easy choice, really.


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You are soooooooooo enjoying this. :D
But of course!